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We've told you about a variety of Zoku frozen treats makers, beginning with the Zoku Quick Pop Maker back in 2009.  That pop maker is still around, and Zoku has introduced an accessory kit that lets you add bits of fruit to your pop.  Using the cutters and the layout paddle, you can arrange small [...]

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I've never seen a Kickstarter project like this one before.  Instead of seeking funding for a single product, Rocket seems to be seeking funding for their entire line of doo-dads.  Everything in the Design Amplified Collection has a rock music theme, from the cord keeper that looks like a guitar to the glass markers that [...]

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No matter how much I use my gadgets, I could never give up my paper and writing implements.  I've always loved school and office supplies, and I was in heaven when I discovered Levenger and their beautiful notebooks, rich papers, and beautiful pens.  Levenger's Circa system notebooks are perhaps best described as the best of [...]

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About a year ago, we told you about the Scosche flipSYNC charging cables.  Now, Scosche has updated their compact cables and converted them to carabiner clips, so they'll be even easier to keep on a keychain or clipped to your gear bag.  The clipSYNC gear features full-sized charging cables with a spring-loaded carabiner built in.  Each clipSYNC is less [...]

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Man has been exploring space since the dawn of time.  First by seeing pictures in the stars and making up stories of gods, then by using optics and physics to understand that Earth is not the center of the universe, and finally by venturing into space with manned and unmanned crafts.  A wealth of information [...]

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Guys, it's never too early to think about the perfect gift for the lady in your life.  Next time you need a present for your Significant Other, why not give her your heart?  This Anatomical Heart Necklace from ThinkGeek let's you show your love without compromising your scientific standards.  The pewter pendant hangs from a [...]

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There are a variety of solar charging kits on the market, but not all of them can help you keep your cool.  This Mini Solar Kit from Duluth Trading Co. has several attachments that can keep you cool and do several other things, too.  First is the solar collector/battery power station (storage capacity not documented). [...]

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We recently noticed a lot of spots in pictures we were taking with our Nikon D80 camera.  A quick Google search suggested we needed to clean dust off the mirrors and the other internal components.  "Canned air" works well for cleaning dust out of nooks and crannies that all electronic devices have, but there are [...]

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Gadgeteers aren't going to be satisfied with a plain brown lunch bag - where's the fun in that?  We want a lunch box that does something special.  The Stainless Steel Lunch Jars from Zojirushi should please any gadget lover.  They will keep your lunch hot (or cold) for hours, and they look cool doing it. [...]

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These purse organizers were originally designed to keep women's purses organized and to make it simpler to change bags, but I don't see any reason why guys couldn't make use of them in gear bags, too.  This Travelon RFID Blocking Purse Organizer has  a woven metallic fabric sandwiched inside the walls to protect RFID cards [...]

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