Gear that reminds you that “you rock!”

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I’ve never seen a Kickstarter project like this one before.  Instead of seeking funding for a single product, Rocket seems to be seeking funding for their entire line of doo-dads.  Everything in the Design Amplified Collection has a rock music theme, from the cord keeper that looks like a guitar to the glass markers that look like picks, to the bottle opener that looks like a turntable, the entire collection of 21 pieces is designed to “remind you how much you rock.”  A pledge of $10 gets you one of their cheapest products – either a guitar cord wrap or a set of guitar-shaped paper clips (a set of 20 is already available at Amazon for $5).  Pledges range up to $189, which nets you one of each of their products.  Funding continues through November 11, 2013, with delivery expected in February 2014, if successfully funded.

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