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I’m torn about the PFE 232 Earphones from Phonak Audeo. They are about the best sounding universal-fit earphones I’ve yet heard. They are well made, extremely comfortable, customizable (more on that later), and have replaceable cables. But wow, are they expensive. There is no getting around that. It’s an elephant in the room you can’t [...]

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To say that Bob Marley became a musical icon after his untimely death at 36 from cancer is a massive understatement. Marley almost singlehandedly helped make reggae music a worldwide phenomenon that is still popular today. The name Marley is synonymous with reggae, and his estate has parleyed his popularity into a line of audio [...]

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I love music.  My first big purchase after getting my first job out of college was a stereo system.  After I bought my small house, I got rid of my stereo with the big floor speakers that could literally blow out a match, and I just don't listen as much.  When I try listening with [...]

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I enjoy listening to motivational music while working out. But due to the intensity of my fitness routine at the gym or while pounding pavement, I am very tough/rough on my earbuds. I have trashed many a pair over the decades. Not through abuse or neglect, but by sweating in and on them too much. [...]

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When writing about and reviewing earphones, I always include two points that are important to each model: the seal from the eartips and whether the earphone uses a warmer sounding dynamic or the more accurate, but bass deficient armature based speaker. Scosche is a maker of a seemingly endless array of affordable iPhone/iPod accessories with [...]

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You gotta love a company like Grado. They’re a family-run business out of Brooklyn, NY who make various cartridges and headphones in many price ranges. They have won countless audiophile awards by refusing to adapt to the latest trend or gimmick. One look at the design of their headphones, and you might think they were [...]

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Do you hate how your earbuds fit? Do they fall out when running or exercising? Do they hurt when you jam them in far enough to drown out the noise in your environment? Perhaps you need to check out the Clear Harmony SI1100 Sound Isolation Earbuds with Linx Audio from Able Planet. I was sent [...]

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People don’t usually associate Bowers & Wilkins name with reasonably priced audio. Yes, they make killer products, but affordable? Not for the average Joe with little knowledge of how good audio can and should sound. Well, B&W have come out with a pair of earphones that – at least in B&W’s universe – are very [...]

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Hey mon, Bob Marley’s family has been busy. With the desire to carry on Bob Marley’s musical message of peace and love, The House of Marley has released a line of audio products. The goal of The House of Marley is to offer a line of headphones, earphones and speaker/docks that are made of sustainable [...]

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One of the more interesting aspects of the (reasonably priced) earphone market is the speed with which the Chinese have become major players worldwide. More surprisingly is how fast these manufacturers have been able to match – and in some cases exceed – the build and audio quality of their Japanese and American competitors. One [...]

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Altec Lansing has a line of earphoness that they designed just for women.  They are sized smaller for women's ears, and they have " jewel-like detailing and stylish colors" to look almost like jewelry for your ears.  They have three models in the Bliss line, with the Platinum being the top of the line.  The Bliss [...]

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Back in the 70s, American Tourister had a commercial showing a piece of their luggage being thrown about by a gorilla to demonstrate how tough their product was.  Here at the Cloninger household, we have a similar test for earbuds.  We throw them in our teenage daughter’s room.  So far, none have emerged intact – [...]

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In the past, I have reviewed some outrageously expensive - and outrageously good - earphones. But let’s face it: The vast majority of music lovers either can’t afford to or just won’t shell out the bucks to achieve that last bit of audio perfection. And truth be told, most decent earphones sound about 75-85% as [...]

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Several years ago, I reviewed Etymotic Research hf5 High-Fidelity earphones. Although being a writer at The Gadgeteer enables me to try/review many earphones per year, I continue to enjoy and regularly use the hf5's to this day. Their size and performance are ideal for me. So, I was excited when Etymotic Research agreed to not [...]

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When I first saw the press release announcing the Westone 4, my first thought was, “OK, now, it’s getting a bit silly.” After all, I’ve owned the Westone 3 for a year now and I love them. The bass is a little forward, but so what?  The mids and highs are comfortable. So what is [...]

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Decades ago, I use to be a pretty good musician with a decent enough ear. Although, I was never a true audiophile by any stretch of the imagination. By the time I purchased my first iPod I was relatively satisfied with the stock earbuds that Apple included with their revolutionary device. But my time here [...]

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The Shure SE535 earphones are a study in contrasts between frustration and nirvana. Boy, this wide-open gap in opinion is going to need some explaining. Shure is one of the better known headphone/earphone companies around, so when they announce a new model, it’s news. A few months ago, they introduced the SE535, which replaces the [...]

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In the world of headphones, there are many, many choices that range in price from a few bucks to a price requiring a second mortgage on your house. It’s that wide of a margin. And let’s face it, most mortals wouldn’t dream of spending over a couple hundred dollars to get the sound we want [...]

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I have written in previous reviews that I tend to prefer neutrality and accuracy over sound that is enhanced or “colored” in headphones/earphones. That being said, I do enjoy bass when it doesn’t interfere with or overpower the mids or highs, which can so often happen. Some brands accentuate bass to attract a younger crowd [...]

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When you think of consumer earphones, what companies come to mind? Sony? Monster? Skullcandy? Truth is, there are a LOT of companies out there making earphones for your MP3 player - with many of them producing pretty good products. It’s a huge market, so the choices are in the buyer’s favor. As reviewer, one of [...]

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