Eargear – Customize your favorite earphones for a perfect fit

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Earphones are great because they are so portable. But the vast majority of them do not fit right or fall out easily. Eargear is a silicone based polymer that can be molded around your favorite earphones to create a custom fit. Similar to the professionally created ear monitors that your favorite musicians use, Eargear is sweat proof, rain proof and 100% guaranteed to never fall out. It’s available in several colors and in packages large enough to customize 1 and 2 pairs of earphones, with extra left over for practice. The polymer is soft like play-doh and can be molded and set within 15-20 minutes. Pricing is £12.99 – £14.99 ($20.95 – $24.17).

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    1. @Sandee they are offering a sample for review, since you have experience with a similar product, would you be interested in doing a quick review?

  2. Hi guys, Lloyd here, from Eargear. Firstly, thanks to Julie for the post! To Sandee, we actually ship worldwide. In regards to the other product you mentioned not working, I can’t comment, but the only things that will stop Eargear from working properly are some soaps and sulphur being on your hands when you mould the product. As long as they are clean you should be fine – we haven’t had a problem yet! Martyn – Sugru is a little different as it is not medical grade, plus it takes 24 hours to set, which is a long time to keep a pair of earphones in your ears!

  3. I don’t know about this method, but, I have been wearing a custom made earpiece for my bluetooth headset for years. I think the two part molding process is similar to what pilotstuff.com sends you.
    You get to mold a two part putty, shove it in your ear for 10 minutes, then pull it out. You send it to them, and they make a rubberish bud for your ear piece. VERY expensive compared to this (70 dollars U.S.), but I’ve NEVER had an issue with them.
    I have to wear a BT all day long, for work, and it’s nice to get home at the end of the day without an ear ache.

  4. To p51d007 – There’s no sending anything off with the Eargear system. 15 minutes at home and you are all set and good to go, running, cycling or bungee jumping – whatever floats your boat!

  5. A a large guy 6’4″ stuff never fits in my ears. I’ve long been wanting to try something like this and finally jumped on board. I’ll let you all know how it goes.

  6. @ LLOYD
    I wish I had known about this company earlier…could have saved me some $$$.
    I’ve had pretty much every jawbone BT, and the mount is the same, so I’ve only had to pop it off one, and onto another, but if Jawbone changes their mount, or I purchase a different brand, I’m keeping this product in mind.

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