Fidue is driving hybrid earphone technology forward

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It’s pretty fascinating watching the Chinese headphone and earphone market move upscale in both audio and build quality. There are Chinese earphones that now rival anything else available. However, it’s also not surprising, because many of these Chinese companies have been making earphones for other companies for years. Now, they are flexing that knowledge under their own names.

Most people have never heard of Fidue. That could change with earphone models like the Fidue A83. The A83 is a triple-hybrid earphone with a dual-balanced armature speaker paired with a dynamic driver speaker. Fidue has incorporated what they call a 3D Acoustic Chamber Design that can exploit the benefits of both speaker technologies: the accuracy of an armature tweeter combined with the warm bass of a dynamic woofer speaker.

Fidue uses replaceable silver-plated copper wire cable with gold-plated connectors. Also included is a hard case and many ear tip choices. The A83 is worth exploring if you’re interested in a serious upgrade over lesser earphones.

The Fidue website is Chinese, but has some English descriptions. The Fidue A83 is sold through Amazon for $279 US and is available now.

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