Digital Innovations Nest Earbud Protector Review

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Digital Innovations has created one of my favorite gadget accessories of 2012. It’s the Nest Earbud Protector. If you use earbud type earphones to listen to music, you’ll love the Nest because it solves the age-old problem of tangled earbud cables. This little storage accessory is one of those products that is simple and so useful that you’ll wonder how you ever got along without it.

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The Nest is a small hockey puck shaped storage container made of one piece of soft silicone.

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To use it, you first flip down the outer edge like you see above.

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Then you press your earbuds / earphones into the center of the Nest, sorta like shoving something into the center of a flower. I have been using the Nest with a new pair of Urbanears Medis earphones that I purchased last week. These earbuds have larger ear pieces than your typical Apple buds, but they still fit perfectly inside the Nest.

di nest 5

After putting the earphones into the center of the Nest, you then just wrap the cable around the outside edge.

di nest 6

And then flip the edge back up to hold everything in place. The whole procedure takes just a few seconds and you’re left with a neat little package that easily fits in your pocket or gear bag.

When you’re ready to use your earphones, all you have to do is grab the end earphone jack and pull up to unwind the cable. So easy, it’s genius.

There’s only one little thing I don’t like about the Nest that is going to sound super nitpicky on my part, but hey, that’s why you read reviews right? It’s the fact that Silicone attracts dust and lint like a magnet and starts to look a bit “fuzzy” in a relatively short period of time. That said, I just take a piece of Scotch tape to it every so often to pull off all the futz and it looks like new again.

I love the Nest. It’s a pretty color (seems to only be available in Blue right now), has an ok price of $10 and is simple to use. I know I will continue to use this accessory and am going to go add it to my favorite gear list right now. If you’re an earbud user, you’ll definitely want one too.


Product Information

Manufacturer:Digital Innovations
  • Easy to use
  • Perfect size for even large earbud types
  • Attracts dust and lint

9 thoughts on “Digital Innovations Nest Earbud Protector Review”

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  2. Neat. Have to work out how to buy this in Australia.


    PS: The link to Digital Innovations is broken. It has an extra “t” for some reason.

    1. @Jackie I am really liking these earphones so far for the comfort, sound and the fabric covered cables.

      @Gareth Ha! I must have had something else on my mind last night 😉 I fixed it… The typo that is.

  3. the only drawback to fabric-cables is during cold winters, they get snagged (and get fuzzy) on the velcro tabs on my winter jacket 🙁

  4. Neat idea, but I just use the fabric zippered pouch my Etymotic headphone/headset came with. Very compact and does not attract dust.

    For my other headphones, I just use an empty metal mints tin as well. Works great and prevents them from getting crushed in my bad.

  5. Like Michael, I would also like to know how to order at least a couple of these to be sent to Australia, don’t mind paying reasonable freight charges – any ideas anyone?

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