Cases and Covers

Longtime Apple partner Incase just released a new set of sleeves and cases designed for the new MacBook Pro & MacBook Retina in 13" and 15" sizes.  Incase offers 4 models in the lineup, with a whole slew of materials options: The Classic Sleeves offer basic protection from scratches and bumps and are available in a… Read More

I have the iPhone 7 Plus, which is a big phone at 5.5 inches. I often look for the thinnest case possible to fit into my back pocket or small handbag. I still want protection, but without all the bulk. Totallee has released a super thin iPhone case called "the scarf". Let's take a look at… Read More

Did you buy the new Nintendo Switch gaming console? I know that their product launch didn't quite go as smoothly as they had hoped, but if you have one, it's time to protect it and WaterField Designs has that covered with two new cases: The Nintendo Switch City Slicker Case and the Nintendo Switch Multiplayer Pro… Read More

Cases for smartphones are a constant subject of review here on The Gadgeteer. The latest craze I've seen in the case market is adding a place to store a few ID/Credit cards and some cash. The Slider, from DesignSkin, is one such case recently sent to me for testing. Note: Photos may be tapped or… Read More

Brian Holmes over at Pad&Quill says that their all-new Leather Apple Pencil Grip solves every problem you never knew you had with your Apple Pencil. Made from the same full-grain American leather that P&Q uses in their other bags, the two piece Leather Apple Pencil grip is hand-sewn using a baseball-style stitching technique and has… Read More

Like you, I have a sizable investment in my gear so I am always on the lookout for anything that helps me protect that investment.  And I choose bags and sleeves like I choose my clothes - smart, stylish and functional always attracts my attention.  Bellroy - a company I have known more for their… Read More

The jet black version of the iPhone 7 has been very popular and has sparked rumors that Apple might offer a jet white version of the iPhone. If a shiny white iPhone appeals to you, but the thought of having to buy a brand new phone doesn't, Totallee has you covered. Actually, they will have your iPhone 7… Read More

The night my wife purchased her iPhone 6 Plus a few years ago, she also wanted a case to protect her investment. Among the many iPhone cases in the Apple Store that night, the tech21 Impactology case was her choice. Although it was the color that initially caught her eye, she also liked that it seemed… Read More

I don't normally use a case with my smartphone, but every time I see cool cases for iPhones, it flips a switch in my brain that makes me consider crazy thoughts of switching to an iPhone. It's just not fair that the iPhone gets all the cool cases and accessories and smartphones like my Nexus… Read More

I love my iPad Pro 12.9", but it is so large, I really have a hard time mentally juggling it without adding a case to get more bulk. It's just so thin! One of the first companies to step forward with a case designed for this new form factor was Logitech, with their Create keyboard… Read More

Almost everyone I know has a smartphone. Almost everyone I know has damaged their smartphone at one time or another. I myself am guilty of said offense. With all the money we invest in our smartphones, it only makes sense to protect it as best as we can. I was recently granted the opportunity to… Read More

Handmade in Minnesota with traditional book bindery techniques, the Cartella Slim case for the 2016 13" and 15" MacBook Pro from Pad & Quill, makes your Apple laptop look and feel just like a hardbound book. The Cartella Slim case has covers made from archival quality buckram linen cloth. A specially developed residue-free 3M adhesive… Read More

X-Doria's new Revel Line of cases for the iPhone 7 (sorry, no iPhone 7 Plus love at the moment) are slim-fitting, snap-on cases with cool mosaic patterns in the shape of animals. These cases not only have a unique style, but they also have reinforced bumpers that extend across the top and bottom edges of… Read More

I really like the Apple Watch. Or at least the idea of the Apple Watch. But for all its amazing-seeming functionality, it just doesn't seem like it would be tough enough for me. I'd want to wear it 24/7 and for the activities that I engage in, it would need to be pretty durable. The folks… Read More

Of all the tools, toys, gadgets, etc., my cell phone is the one device I couldn't survive without. I'd sooner get rid of my car than my cell phone. That may seem extreme, but my phone functions as my calendar, camera, music player, photo album, and GPS; not to mention, I occasionally use it to… Read More