Savfy 07

The Savfy Wireless Speaker is a Bluetooth 4.0 stereo speaker. It has a simple and clean design but packs a lot of punch from the sound it can put out making it the proverbial music to the ears. The Savfy speaker's dimensions are 9.4"in. x 1.67"in. x 2.4"in. and the signal range is the typical 30 [...]

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If you ever wondered about taking that step into owning a smartwatch but were afraid of the complexity and the price then I think the GW01 from Ulefone will be a pleasant surprise in the right direction. With cell phones in everyone's pocket and the progression of day-to-day technology, having a smartwatch on your wrist would be [...]

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  Do you use Bluetooth speakers, light bulbs, smart plugs and more? Bluetooth devices are easy to setup and don't clog up your WiFi network, but the most annoying thing about Bluetooth is the short range connection and one-to-one pairing limitations. The Cassia Hub has been designed to fix these problems. It is a router [...]

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ToTu 01

The BT-2 Sport from TOTU are wireless in-ear Bluetooth 4.1 headphones with built-in hands-free capability. But a great feature about these headphones is that they are waterproof so heavy sweating from a hard workout, biking, or vigorous running is certainly no problem with these headphones. The BT-2 headphones are lightweight at only 18 grams, or [...]

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InateckHinge - 7

Cases for iPads have run the gamut, from heavy-duty armored monstrosities to the barest wisp of a cover. Many folks, unable or unwilling to retrain their typing skills to use a glass virtual keyboard, swear by their keyboard case. Inateck has made cases for iPads that include keyboards for years, and they have recently created [...]

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As our lives have become more dependent on our devices there has also become a growing need to simplify.  I have an app for just about everything these days which I love don't get me wrong, but my attention can be diverted while I fumble with my phone to turn on a light, or hit [...]

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