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I had just purchased a Nexus 5x which incorporates the new USB-C connector for charging and I was looking for a spare cable.  Luckily I was offered the opportunity to check out the AluCable and figured that I'd scored a simple review and could crank out a couple of sentences and then I'd be done.  It [...]

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For those of us that suffer from hypertension,  keeping track of our blood pressure is important.  An annual check up with the Doctor isn't enough, so home testing is helpful.  I've used several devices to do my daily checks, but most of them are either very inaccurate or they are bulky and not fun to [...]

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I've given up on any hope for a paperless future, so I might as well carry all the documents I need for my day job in style along with the electronic devices I need.  For that, the Staad Attaché from Waterfield Designs suits my requirements.  It's built to accommodate the iPad Pro, but until I win [...]

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I guess it's my turn to review a Bluetooth headphone.  There's a bunch out there and we've looked at  several of them at The Gadgeteer.  I'm not an audiophile, but I can tell the difference between good and bad sound for the music I enjoy, so I'll share my experience with the 808.For the most part, I consume music by [...]

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I hate keys!  I've replaced all of the entry locks at my house and summer cabin with either touchscreen or push button locks.  Up until now, I  didn't find a viable alternative to the padlocks I have to secure my property around the house or at work.  The Master Lock Bluetooth Smart Padlock has made [...]

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A year ago I reviewed the Zerohour XD tactical flashlight and closed by saying that it was probably the last flashlight I'd ever purchase.  Well, the folks at Zerohour haven't been standing still and have recently introduced the little brother to the XD and I may have to eat my words.  I'll give it a [...]

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Over the years, I've accumulated mountains of DVDs, especially since the arrival of the grandchildren.  It gets old having to load up the DVD player with a copy of Cars or the like, every time they come over when it rains.  I tried teaching them how to load the DVD player and it almost worked, except that [...]

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Have you ever driven down the road and wondered if you closed the garage door when you left?  Unfortunately, it happens to me a lot, and then I'm in the situation where I can worry about it until I get home or drive back to check.  Sometimes I'm 150 miles away when I think about [...]

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I've been searching for ways to attach my phone and tablet to the dash of my car.  Up until now, the options have been either destructive to the dash or I had to use a device that extended from the windshield.  Neither of these were satisfying, so the MagicMount from Scosche seemed to be a [...]

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A couple of reviews ago, I mentioned that I had a new job and was receiving many business cards and I reviewed a solution to mange them.  Well, if one is receiving business cards it's normal to exchange your card, so I needed a way to carry them.  I did dig up an old silver [...]

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I'm a captive of the cable company.  That is, because of my location I can't get over the air channels and the local channels are not available on the Internet.  I have given in and subscribe to a package that includes one set-top box, which means only one TV can display the channels we subscribe [...]

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If you're like me, you may have devices that have different power/data connections, the most common being the Apple Lightening connector and the more standard µUSB connector.  In my case I have an iPad mini and a Moto G phone, both of which I carry with me most of the time.  This means I have [...]

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ZeroHour XR charging ip6plus

Several months ago I reviewed the ZeroHour XD Tactical flashlight thinking I would never need another, but the folks at ZeroHour have me rethinking that.  They are running a Kickstarter campaign to develop a smaller and more feature laden flashlight and battery backup. The ZeroHour Relic XR is their latest flashlight which is currently seeking funding through [...]

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I got a new job!  Well, that's not the subject of the review, but because of the job, I've been overwhelmed by the number of business cards I receive.  They're all important, so I do want to file them, but the old way of manually keeping them in a business card folder seems so inefficient [...]

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As I get older, I try to keep informed about the state of my body to keep it in top operating condition.  I have a blood pressure device which I use weekly; I weight myself daily and I use my Fitbit to keep track of how far I walk each day.  With the receipt of [...]

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One of the shortcomings of my smartphone is the limited storage.  The Moto G I purchased has 8 GB and is not expandable, making it hard to carry around my media and files.  I've moved some music and photos to cloud storage that can be streamed, but then I'm liable to exceed my data plan [...]

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I'm starting to see the benefit in the multi-purposing of devices.  ZeroHour takes a flashlight  and uses the batteries to also serve as battery backup for devices powered by a USB cable.  As I usually carry two separate items in my car or pack to accomplish the same goal, I'm now able to cut back to just [...]

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I enjoy my iPad mini, but I worry about dropping it or otherwise damaging the unit when I travel.  Also, it serves most of my needs, but there are still occasions where I need to set up a laptop to write a review or extended emails.  Now, with the rugged folio from Zagg, I have converted [...]

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One of my dreams is to own an all-electric vehicle, but I've never actually driven one until my recent trip to attend Volkswagen's Full-Line Press event in Middleburgh, VA.  I, along with two dozen other bloggers, were invited to attend this event and hear about VW's plans and get a preview of several of their [...]

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Ever since my granddaughter visited Disney World, she's been asking when I was going to put "Fairy Lights"  in the trees around the house.  I've been able to deflect, usually with the promise of ice cream, but now I can answer her request using the Night Stars light.  Although my initial thoughts were "who needs [...]

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We are fortunate to have access to a summer cabin on a lake and near the woods.  Every summer family members descend upon the “camp” and enjoy swimming, sailing, fishing and most importantly for the kids, roasting marshmallows over an open fire.  Because of this, the adults have become somewhat proficient in starting a campfire, [...]

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Despite knowing better, I rarely check the tire pressure in my vehicles.  I rely on the TPMS (tire pressure monitoring system) in my newer car to let me know when I'm below a certain level, but in the case of my 2005 vehicle and motorcycles, I don't worry about it until they go flat.  Probably [...]

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I've been playing around with home automation products for awhile, but so far I haven't found anything that is easy to use or conforms to a well established standard.  I have some Insteon devices, X-10 devices, and there are also Zigby and Z-wave protocol devices available.   All of these require some sort of hub [...]

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I like wrist watches.  OK, I said it and that probably makes me a dinosaur.  Although I have a cell phone which I can reference for the time, to me there's nothing like the convenience of having a timepiece on my wrist, and I don't have to fish it out of my pocket to check [...]

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I've been looking into a security system for my home, but I keep running into the cost issue of a monthly service charge.  So, I took a different tack and decided to cobble together my own using off the shelf network cameras.  I had several cameras arrayed around the house, but I was missing a [...]

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