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3M Gold Privacy Filter Review

3M-Gold Privacy Filter-6

Do you love sipping lattes at a coffee shop while writing the next best-selling thriller, crunching numbers, or surfing TMZ while looking like you are doing something more important? In a public place your screen is not always your private space. This can especially be of concern when working with confidential information.  Lets face it; [...]

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Capturing Couture Camera Strap-2

Camera straps are accessories you usually do not think about, but Capturing Couture certainly did.  They have created several lines of unique camera straps that can give your DSLR or point and shoot camera character and personality to match. Their fabrics and designs are beautiful and eye catching.  These straps combine beauty with function.  Most [...]

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Brenthaven ProStyle SlimPack-1

Have you ever dropped your laptop bag with your laptop in it? Ouch! If you are accident prone Brenthaven may have a bag or two to lighten the blow. Laptop bags have become ubiquitous. So many varieties, shapes and sizes to fit ones needs.  Brenthaven makes a large variety of laptop bags and sleeves and [...]

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Watch it Grow


The Time lapse PlantCam by Wingscapes allows you to watch your plants grow in fast-forward. The PlantCam is rugged and weatherproof, and automatically takes photos and videos at set time intervals. It then stitches the photos together to create a video showing in minutes or seconds what usually can't be seen with the naked eye. [...]

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iLuv iPad Case-5

iLuv is a company that specializes in cases for the Blackberry, iPod, iPhone, and now the iPad.  There wide selection also includes many accessories like headphones, speakers, protective films, power solutions and Bluetooth accessories, among other things.  In this review we take a look at the iLuv iPad case (Model iCC805) also described by iLuv [...]

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Magic-Pro Tiny Keyboard-6

I am all about convenience. Any thing that makes life easier, takes up less space and works well, is all-good by me.  The Magic-Pro Tiny Keyboard from Pyramid Distribution makes my life easier. It is a keyboard, mouse and laser pointer that I can hold in the palm of my hand.  The same size as [...]

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Is that a spot?


Google Labs released a new application on the Android Market called Open Spot to help users identify and find open parking spots.  Users can tag the location of an empty parking space and find open spots around them. The concept sounds interesting and becomes more useful when more people in your area participate.  Different tag [...]

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Affordable eReader


Aluratek’s “Libre” eBook Reader Pro is being added to Borders’ growing lineup of eReaders. Pre-orders are now being taken at with shipments to begin on July 20. The Libre will be available at Borders for just $119.99, significantly lower in cost than many of the eReading devices now available. The Libre offers multi-function features such [...]

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The KIN is Fin…ished


Good bye, sayonara, far well, adiós, nice knowing ya Kin.  The tween/teen generation for which the Kin was targeted has spoken and they did not embrace the Kin as Microsoft had hoped.  The socially included phone is being rolled off due to lack luster sales, which may be due to the fact that it was [...]

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Underwater Video in HD


It's summer! Today marks the first day of Summer 2010. It's hot, schools out and the pools are open. Let summer time begin! Kodak has just the thing for catching all your summer fun with the Kodak Playsport HD Waterproof Pocket Video Camera.  This video camera is made for play. It's waterproof up to 10 ft. [...]

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moshi cardette5

Moshi calls itself the purveyors of electronics fashion. Like fashionable clothing, the Moshi Cardette Ultra has style, but what’s more, the Cardette Ultra is a card reader that holds many capabilities in a small package. The new Moshi Cardette Ultra has been redesigned from the original Cardette to be sleeker and complement iMac’s and MacBooks.  [...]

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Gadgets at Pottery Barn

You usually do not think of gadgets when you think of Pottery Barn, but PB Teen is offering up all kinds of goodies from electric guitar amps to mini speakers. PB Teen is Pottery Barn's specialty store within a store offering up teen focused decor including some neat electronic accessories that work just a well [...]

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eco charger code

In honor of Earth day, here are a list of applications available on the Android Market to help you help Mother Earth.   Scan the code provided from your Android phone using a bar code application to get to each app.  Most are free. These apps save your phones battery life, give you green advise, provide [...]

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Microsoft Arc Now in White


Back in mid-February The Gadegteer reviewed the Microsoft Arc Keyboard.  Now Microsoft has come out with the Arc Keyboard in eye catching white.  The white is accented with a lime green on the keys and the bottom. Like in the original, it comes with a 2.4 GHz USB nano transceiver that easily stows on the [...]

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Also available this Friday


Piggy backing on the other big release this Friday is the PixelPad.  Not exactly the same as the real thing, but the PixelPad may be an alternative option to the iPad for non-early adopters.  The PixelPad provides you with the original user interface. It is a pad of 10x10 grid paper that comes with a [...]

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Cirago review4

Cirago makes many multimedia products including the Cirago Multimedia Center 1000, CMC2000, and CiragoTV Mini Media Player reviewed by The Gadgeteer. Recently Cirago released the Network USB Storage Link (NUS1000), which turns your USB hard drives into network attached storage devices. Packed into a super small box (about the size of a handheld PDA) are 4 [...]

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Microsoft Arc Keyboard Review

Microsoft-Arc keyboard-5

On February 21st Microsoft is introducing the Arc Keyboard exclusively in BestBuy stores.  Like Microsoft's Arc Mouse, the Arc Keyboard stands out for its design. About the size and weight of a thick magazine, the Arc Keyboard blends inconspicuously into its surroundings.  It stores conveniently and maintains a low profile.  The Arc Keyboard weighs less than [...]

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Regular view

It’s a sunny day and you get out your digital camera to snap a shot.  The only trouble is you can barely see the screen because of the glare from the bright sun. Except that when you go to look through the view finder, you find that your hi-tech camera may not have a view [...]

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Envizen Duo Box Pro Review

Envizen-Duo Box Pro-1

When it comes to portable DVD/TV players the Envizen 7” Portable Digital TV and DVD player (Duo Box Pro) is nothing revolutionary, however, it is unique because it packs in several functions in one portable device.  Its no-frills design allows you to watch TV, play DVDs and video games, slideshow digital photos, and listen to [...]

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Need a unique gift for the holidays? No need to panic, think PANiQ! Back in January PANiQ introduced clothing coupled with PANiQ controllers that enable wearers to control their iPod (or iPhone) through smart fabric buttons embedded in clothing.  The PANiQ technology allows you to connect your iPod to a ribbon cable embedded within the [...]

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Able Planet-Headphones-2

I write this review as I fly at 35,000 feet in the air.  I thought this would be the ideal place to review and test the noise-canceling feature of the Able Planet True Fidelity Active Noise Canceling Headphones (NC300B).  Technology used in high quality hearing aids is implemented in these headphones to enhance sounds and reduce [...]

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Hauppauge HD PVR Review

Hauppauge-HD PVR-1

The Hauppauge HD PVR allows users to record HD content off a cable or satellite set top box to their computer’s hard drive, and from the recordings, create HD quality DVDs for their personal media libraries. The HD PVR is one of the only mass marketed HD personal video recorders presently sold to the consumer.   The strengths [...]

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Apple-Magic Mouse

Apple introduced the Magic Mouse today and besides being magical it is smart and sleek.  The concept of using gestures to interact with a device was made popular in the iPhone, iPod Touch, and Macbook. Now the concept comes to the desktop in the first ever multi-touch external mouse.  The Magic Mouse has a smooth [...]

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Cupcake is out and Donut is in. This past weekend many T-Mobile G1 and MyTouch G1 users received Android 1.6 (a.k.a Donut) that updated the previous version known as Cupcake.   I got mine Sunday morning.  I’ve been playing around with the new features, which include a new faster camera/video interface, Quick search box, battery [...]

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Diamond-USB Display Adapter Pro-1

If you have ever had a multi-monitor setup you know the added productivity it can provide.   The Diamond USB Display Adapter is a simple device that allows you to add an additional monitor using a spare USB port.  The adapter is basically a portable video card that works with your Mac or PC. The Diamond [...]

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