iLuv Case for the iPad Review

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iLuv is a company that specializes in cases for the Blackberry, iPod, iPhone, and now the iPad.  There wide selection also includes many accessories like headphones, speakers, protective films, power solutions and Bluetooth accessories, among other things.  In this review we take a look at the iLuv iPad case (Model iCC805) also described by iLuv as a Casual fabric case with band clip.

The “casual fabric” may refer to the outer body which is made of a sturdy canvas material versus a higher end textile such as leather. The case is constructed of two sturdy sides attached with strong elastic strips on three sides. The corners are left open.  The inside is lined with an ever so soft suede like fabric.  A strip of orange leather forms a band around the case.  A large metal iLuv logo adorns the front.  The three color combinations include black with orange band (shown), pink with purple band, and cream with sky blue band.

The band gives a look similar to a belt with a metal belt buckle.  At first I thought the metal logo had some function, but it does not.  The band is sewn on to the case except near the opening where it is left loose near the top.  The band wraps over the top and velcros to the front of the case to hold the iPad in place.

The iPad itself fits snug inside the case. When I mean snug, I mean there would be little to no room to comfortable fit an iPad with a plastic or silicon case.

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The soft inner lining helps protect the iPad from scratches but also does double duty to help wipe fingerprints, dust and smudges off the screen as you slide it in and out of the case itself. The tight fit helps wipe the screen as the iPad is slid in and out of the case.  It may not wipe the screen completely clean but I could see somewhat of a difference.

The sturdy panels are not bend resistant. As you can slighly see in the picture above and on the top panel towards the right, the case was bent and left a slight fold that shows up. This does not  affect the functionality of the case but does show a little.

The iLuv case is portable and easy to carry for daily use.  It fits well into other bags and purses.  However, some care should be taken when it is within another bag. The bend in my case was created while it was in my laptop purse.  Another thing to note is that this case does no function as a stand nor is it designed to hold an iPad during use like some other cases at the same price. The case has no use while you use your iPad, so for travel and on the go usage the case itself  is something extra to keep track of when the iPad is in use.

The back of the case carries the band across and is neatly pressed to say “Designed in New York.”  The case also includes a small orange iLuv tag which does not have any real functionality but to provide more branding.  I guess if you tried to be crafty you could use the tag to hook things too.

iPad cases seem to start at around $40. This price also includes cases with built in stands, which this case lacks.  The iLuv iCC850 comes in at a list price of $39.99.  No warranty is available, that I am aware of.    Many online merchants carry the iCC850 at a lower price and ranging from $19-$29 from what I found.


Product Information

  • mobile, easy to carry
  • no stand, bendable

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