Microsoft Wireless Mobile Mouse 6000 Review

Like a lot of people, if I have room for it while working on my laptop, I’d rather use a mouse than the trackpad. Most mobile mice seem to be created approximately equal, but recently Microsoft introduced something new to the field with their BlueTrack technology which claims to work more smoothly on more surfaces …

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See thru protection for your netbook or laptop

Samsill Corporation has announced the launch of Altego™, a new corporate brand. The Clear Laptop Sleeve represents Samsill’s first product launch under this brand. They are available in 5 sizes and have a transparent front panel to allow you to see the outside design of your laptop or netbook. They are also water resistant and …

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Netbook Face-Off: Acer Aspire One versus HP Mini 1000

I was excited when Julie told her main article contributors that she was sending us HP Mini 1000 netbooks in December, but for an entirely different reason. See, I’d already purchased an Acer Aspire One only a few months earlier, and I was quite interested in seeing how the HP Mini stood up against the …

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HP Mini 1000 Netbook – Love and Hate, Plus Its Affect On My Domestic Life

I have to be honest, when Julie communicated to her Gadgeteer Geek Gang that we would all be getting a new HP Mini 1000 XP Series Netbook, I was overcome with a feeling much like when I was a kid at Christmas.  You know, that happy/joyous feeling of anticipation that fills the youthful spirit until the …

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HP Mini 1000 Netbook – Vivienne Tam Designer Edition

Can a laptop create a fashion statement? It can when a famous New York designer like Vivienne Tam puts her artistic stamp on it. Case in point – The HP Mini 1000 Vivienne Tam Designer Edition Netbook. It has the same bits and pieces inside that the regular Black swirly Mini has in it, but …

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HP Mini 1000 Netbook vs. Fuji Lifebook

Field Report: Ocho Rios, Jamaca. January 27, 2009. This is Bond, James Bond, reporting. Q has issued all field agents a new plaything and HQ is insisting on reports on the device. I am taking time during a recuperative stay on the warm white sands to accommodate them. Excuse me for a moment, however. The …

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Spotlight Gadget – EMTEC Gdium Liberty Netbook

It’s another new netbook, but with a twist: this one isn’t based on the PC architecture, but on a 900 MHz 64-bit MIPS CPU (that means no Windows XP or Vista, ever) and Linux. It also has no internal storage, using form-fitting USB keys preloaded with the operating system instead. It could be ideal for …

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MSI Wind Netbook Review

Mobile gadget enthusiasts can’t visit their favorite gadget news sites without being bombarded with news about the latest netbooks. Whether you want to refer to this category of extremely portable and affordable laptops as subnotebooks, ultraportables, UMPCs, MIDs or netbooks, is entirely up to you. What I call them is a whole lot of fun and convenience in a small package. The first netbook to capture our interest was the ASUS Eee PC, then it was the HP Mini-Note. Now it’s the MSI Wind. Let’s see if it’s worthy enough for a spot in your gear bag…

ASUS Eee PC 4G (701) Review

Last year, Asus rocked the UMPC world with their announcement of a small, ultra-portable laptop – for only $200. Several
revisions, image leaks, speculative reports, and price increases later, the eeePC line was officially released – with
$200 added to price tag and 512MB RAM pulled from the default specs. I’ve had the flagship 701 model with 4GB of
solid-state disk space and a 0.3MP (300,000 pixel) webcam. Other model options include the 2G ($300) and 4G ($350)
Surfs with 2GB and 4GB SSD and no webcam, as well as the 8GB SSD/1GB RAM 8G at $500.

OQO Model 02 Ultra Personal Computer

In October of 1993, I bought what was then my ideal computer. It fit in my pocket, had a full QWERTY keyboard with dedicated numeric keypad, had lots of built-in apps, ran all my DOS programs with ease, had a gorgeous monochrome LCD screen and ran for 20 hours on two AA batteries. It was the HP 200LX. For years I used this machine for PIM storage, keeping grades for my students, writing a diary and keeping my important text documents on hand for easy reference. I moved to a new Windows-based grading program a year and a half ago, but I had used my 200LX for all that time. It still sits in my gadget cabinet, one gadget that will never see the light of Ebay.

Sony Vaio VGN-UX50 uPC review

Ultra portable PCs (uPC) seem to be really hot right now. With
Microsoft’s Ultra Mobile PC (UMPC) / Origami devices being announced here there and everywhere, it looks like this product category has the potential to become as popular as PDAs were a few years ago.

Maybe… Exactly one year ago I reviewed the
Sony Vaio VGN-U71P ultra portable Windows XP PC. Despite a few minor complaints, that little guy made a very good travel companion. To this day I kick myself for deciding to get rid of it… Especially now that I don’t have even one Windows PC in the house any longer. Yes, Mac person here.