Dreametech T30 cordless stick vacuum cleaner review – a worthy successor to the T20?

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REVIEW – Wow, no sooner had I reviewed the Dyson clone Dreametech T20 cordless stick vacuum cleaner when they release the updated (and upgraded) T30. The T30 has a few new features along with increased suction power, but otherwise, it’s almost identical to the T20. I’m not sure if the T30 will replace or be sold alongside the T20. When Dyson replaces a model cordless vacuum cleaner, they usually keep selling the previous model at a reduced price. The question is: Is it worth upgrading from the T20 to the T30? The short answer is no. If you already own the T20, be happy with it. The real question is if the T30 is worth the higher price?

What is it?

The Dreametech T30 is an updated T20 cordless stick vacuum cleaner that looks and acts like a Dyson. It has a multiple filter design, many accessories, a swappable (unlike Dyson) rechargeable battery, and an updated color LCD screen indicating battery life and vacuum mode. It has a 150,000 rpm motor producing 190 air watts (AW) of suction power.


  • Weight: 3.88 lbs
  • Suction pressure: 27kPa
  • Suction power: 190AW
  • Power: 550 watts
  • Battery: 2900mAh
  • Bust cup: 2.5 cups

Design and features

The word vacuum is a Latin word meaning void or empty. The Latins would pronounce the second u as in vacu-um, which explains the two “u”s. Now you know.

Right out of the box, the Dreametech T30 looks like a modern, well-made vacuum cleaner. Beyond its pretty exterior, it has some equally modern features—and downsides. 

Let’s start with the downside—the battery. The T20 I reviewed has a battery that is rated to last 70 minutes on eco mode. This rating was a bit on the optimistic side, but when the T20 is set on Turbo mode, the battery lasts a laughable 7 minutes. The T30’s battery is not much better. It’s rated at 90 min—on Eco mode. Turbo mode is 7.5 minutes. Wow. Medium mode is around 35 minutes, easy enough to do a normal-sized home.

When the T30 vacuum cleaner arrived, I assumed that I could still use the T20 battery and wall mount for the T30. No go. The T20 and T30 batteries are shaped differently enough to prevent swapping them. And since they are shaped differently, the T30 will not properly fit the T20 wall mount, either.

Note that if you choose to have more than one Dreametech T30 battery to get a longer vacuuming time, don’t expect to charge any drained batteries while vacuuming with a fresh one. The battery charging port is on the T30 handle and not on the battery itself, so the battery cannot charge unless connected to the T30 itself. Also, the wall mount will not hold the battery in place unless—again— it’s connected to the T30. So, if you plan to vacuum a large area and need more than one battery, make sure they are all charged before using. 

In addition to three suction modes (Eco, Medium, Turbo), the T30 has what Dreametech calls multiple intelligent sensing technologies or Auto mode. This mode adjusts the suction as it senses whether you are vacuuming on hard floors or carpet or how dirty the floor is (smart multi-brush must be attached). With Auto mode, you get the benefits of Eco while automatically switching to Medium or Turbo when necessary. As the suction changes, the pitch of the noise changes, so it’s easy to tell when the T30 begins to work harder. It’s also shown on the redesigned display screen. 

Note that Eco mode is plenty good for hard floors, such as wood, tile, or laminate.

The T20 screen showed its 3 modes, filter replacement, running time, or system error. The T30 screen provides the same info as the T20, but it also shows how hard the T30 is working in real-time with an ever-changing dust detection graph. You could say this is overkill, but it’s nice having this info available. 

There’s a button on the display that will lock the T30 in “On” mode, so you can let go of the trigger which otherwise needs to be pressed to operate. I call this the lazy switch. I prefer having to press the trigger so I don’t waste battery life having the vacuum always running. 

The collection bin (Dreametech calls it a “Dust Cup”) is similar to the Dyson V8 and earlier cordless models, but with a cleaner, more modern look. It’s perpendicular to the stick part of the vacuum. The reason I compare it to Dyson is that—let’s face it—everyone is emulating Dyson. Some just do it more successfully than others.

Emptying the dust cup is simply a matter of pressing a button over a trash can. Granted, this does release some dust into the air, but there’s minimal contact with dust while emptying and closing the trap door.

The filters of the T30 trap 99.97% of dust particles, so only a tiny fraction of what your vacuum is thrown back into the air you breathe. The filters are easy to remove and clean. All filters are washable but need to be totally dry before re-installing—about 24 hours. Read the manual before trying to remove the filters. It’s not an intuitive process.

There are a total of 7 adapters for the T30, some more interesting than others. When properly aligned, each attachment snaps into place with a satisfying click.

While every vacuum comes with a crevice nozzle, the T30’s lights up on the end making it a bit easier to see where the nozzle is working. This is great for vacuuming under and around car seats where it can be too dark to see. 

Dreametech included what they call a flexible adapter. When connected between the cordless stick vacuum cleaner and the rod (stick), this elbow-joint adapter has a backward hinge making it easier to vacuum under furniture—a back saver. The photo shows it better than I can explain it. Note that both the lighted nozzle and flexible adapter are not available with the T20.

The included mini electric brush can suck up mites from bedding and upholstery. Yuck. It has a rotating brush much like a larger floor rotating brush. 

Two brush attachments are included: a dusting brush (good for cobwebs in ceiling corners) and a 2-in-1 nozzle brush. This brush can be retracted or extended depending on its use. This brush attachment is good for cleaning electronics, which can be dust-magnets.

Dreametech did a better job than Dyson when designing the extension hose attachment. It allows a brush or crevice tool to be used in awkward or hard-to-reach places. 

The main attachment for the cordless stick vacuum cleaner has an ingenious V-shaped roller brush design that minimizes pet hair buildup on the rollers. It works as advertised quite well. It’s nice not having to grab an X-Acto knife to cut hair wrapped around rollers. The stick part of the T30 is made of carbon fiber, an extremely strong and lightweight material usually found in racing cars and bullet-proof vests.

Like the T20, the T30 comes with a wall-mount for storing and charging while not in use. The charging cord can be plugged into the side and the vacuum will charge when docked. It’s very convenient, but the mount can be a pain to attach to a wall. 

What I like

  • Replaceable battery
  • Useful flexible adapter
  • Powerful
  • Clean, modern design

What I’d change

  • Longer battery life in Turbo mode
  • Batteries cannot be charged unless connected to the T30 handle
  • Expensive

cordless stick vacuum cleaner

Final Thoughts

There’s no getting around the fact that the Dreametech T30 (or any cordless stick vacuum cleaner) will be compared to the Dyson models. While the T30 is less expensive than most Dyson models, it’s not cheap. However, the T30 is a really good vacuum cleaner that has swappable batteries—something Dyson only offers on the new V15 which is much more expensive than the T30.

Price: $499.99 US
Where to buy: AliExpress
Source: The sample of this product was provided by Dreame Technology.

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    I was wondering will T20 accessories like v-shape brush could attach with T30 or not? Cause I bought T30 but it came with fluffy brush and I can’t find v-shape brush selling for T30 but found for T20. Thank you

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