Anker releases new Nano II USB-C GaN chargers for more power in a compact package

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anker nano 2 001

NEWS – Anker has released new versions of their Nano line of compact USB-C chargers, available in three different sizes, providing up to 65W of power for your most power-hungry devices.

Using GaN technology, Anker is able to squeeze out a lot of wattage in a compact package. The smallest Nano II charger is about the size of Apple’s stock 5W iPhone charger, but is able to put out 30W of power.

anker nano 2 003

The next model puts out 45W in a slightly larger size than the 30W charger. Rounding out the trio is a 65W version. The 45W and 65W models include folding power plugs, making it easy to pack without fear of bending the plugs or damaging other items nearby.

anker nano 2 002

Anker’s Nano II chargers are available for pre-order through Amazon and Anker’s own website, with prices ranging from $30 to $40.

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