Digital Photo Frame

A few years ago, digital photo frames were really popular, but I haven’t seen them advertised that much recently. That’s why I’m not sure the Joy Album dedicated photo viewing device is a compelling family gadget. It does look nice with its wireless tablet form factor that features a magnetic wireless charging stand, 13.3-inch touch… Read More

I have hundreds of photos stored on a computer and external hard drive just sitting there being neglected. :( I’ve always intended on printing my favorites but never got around to it and now there are so many, the task is overwhelming. I also intended on buying a digital frame to display them; however, I… Read More

Does your fridge have dozens of photos pinned to it with magnets?  Why not clear away some of the clutter and consolidate all those photos into a digital photo frame magnet?  The Digital Photo Frame Fridge Magnet has a 2.4″ TFT LCD screen and can hold up to 66 images in its 32GB of storage… Read More

If you’re looking for a greeting card that can also be a gift, look no further than the Pandigital Photo Greeting Card sets sold at  There are three themed sets:  birthday, holiday (not Christmas specific), and general.  Each set has three cards, each with a different design, and costs $34.99.  The cards contain a 1.4″… Read More

I’m sure you’ve seen those mugs that you can have custom printed with a photo.  The Digital Photo Mug from ThinkGeek goes one better than those mugs.  This travel mug – for hot or cold beverages – has a 1.5″ LCD digital photo frame mounted right on the front.  The frame can hold up to… Read More

Now you can use WiFi and email to almost effortlessly add photos to a digital picture frame.  The Kodak Pulse frame has its own email address;  you email pictures to the frame and they’re automatically added to the frame’s library.  Kodak says you can store up to 4000 images in the 512 MB of internal… Read More

This is a nifty device from Sungale that combines a modern styled LED desk lamp with a 3.5 LCD screen. The screen has a resolution of 320X240 and is capable of displaying slide shows from images saved to SD, MMC or MS cards. This desk accessory is priced at $79.99… Read More

Not so long ago, proud parents carried small photo albums called brag books loaded with pictures of their families.  Brookstone is offering the 21st century version of the brag book – the My Life Pocket Digital Photo Frame.  This portable frame offers a 3.5″ screen with 320 X 240 resolution.  It has a rechargeable battery for… Read More

Recently we had a post about a digital frame with a built-in scanner.  Now here’s the iMo Photo Frame with a built-in printer!  Pictures display on an 8″ 800 X 600 pixel LCD screen.  The frame has 1 GB internal memory, and it has slots for USB, SD, CF, and other memory cards.  The built-in printer… Read More

The Scanning Digital Picture Frame from Hammacher Schlemmer offers a wealth of options for $199.95  It has an 8″ TFT LCD screen with 800 X 600 resolution, and it has 1 GB of internal storage to store up to 3000 images.  It has a 300 dpi scanner built-in to make adding pictures easy.  You can display pictures, play… Read More

Pete The Gadget Geek Stanley sent me a tip about this nifty digital photo frame called the Shake a Pix. It’s about the size of a credit card, has a built in USB connect to charge and transfer pix. But the cool feature is the fact that it has a built in motion sensor. To… Read More

This little digital photo frame from Brando has to be the cutest one I’ve seen yet. It has two media slots – USB and SD. The resolution is only 320 x 234, but it not only shows your photos, but can play MP3 and MP4 files as well. All for $89.00… Read More

I have always enjoy reviewing digital photo frames, so I was very excited when I was given the opportunity to review my first WiFi enabled frame from D-Link. The DSM-210 Internet Photo Frame has 1GB of internal memory and is 10″ diagonally. Sounds like a nice feature set, let’s see how it rates…

Here’s my quick look video review of digital photo keychains from Wholesale

If you are in the market for a digital photo frame, I have one to show you today that so far beats the pants off of all the frames I’ve reviewed to date. The ADMPF311F 11″ Digital Photo Frame from Alurtek is impressive both in size and style.