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I love my MPOW Swift Bluetooth 4.0 Headphones and because of them, Bluetooth earbuds are all I use. I no longer wish to deal with wired earphones. And I’ve found that I like having earbuds over other types of headphones (on-ear or over-the-ear) because they are small and portable, don’t leak sound so as to… Read More

We all need to listen to things on our devices from time to time without the distraction of other noises, or without causing interruption to those around us. Earbuds are the quick-and-dirty solution, but if you’re watching a movie, or sitting down for a good long study/work session, you’re going to want something a little… Read More

I don’t think I have any vinyl records in my home anymore, but if I did, I’d want Pyle USA’s newest Bluetooth Vertical Turntable. It has a vintage style that has been paired with modern tech features like Bluetooth for wireless streaming and a cool vertical stand.   This belt driven turntable has a ceramic… Read More

It feels like ages ago when the iPhone 7 was officially announced, putting to rest the rumors on whether or not it would do away with that ubiquitous feature that graces almost every mobile device… the headphone jack. In classic Apple fashion, their self-described bold move was backed by a new wireless audio technology that… Read More

The Amazon Echo Dot has an internal speaker that can be used to listen to your favorite music, but the Echo Dot’s built-in speaker isn’t powerful enough to fill a large room with music. Connecting a pair of Jabee’s beatBOX MINI TWS speakers can help fill the room with stereo sound. That’s right, the Jabee’s… Read More

So, I’m a music guy. I like listening to music, writing music, talking about music, sharing music, and (other present imperfect continuous verbs) music. The SAMSON QH4 is a bit of a multitool for people like me. I can plug a few pairs of headphones into it, and share my music with friends. I can mix on… Read More

This is the Brightech – DoublePlay HD Bluetooth 4.0 Transmitter / Splitter. This little wonder lets you pair two wireless headphones to it, enabling both people to watch TV as long as they want, and as loud as they want, without disturbing anyone else in the house.  The Brightech BPX2 has A2DP technology, and CSR… Read More

I’ve owned many sets of headphones in my day: Over-the-Ear, On-Ear, Earbuds, Earhook, you name it. But I am a huge fan of the Senso ActivBuds S-250 waterproof Bluetooth headphones. They’re my go-to set for when I’m on the run. Why is that? They’re waterproof (IPX-7 rating), noise-canceling, Bluetooth 4.1, HD stereo earbuds with very… Read More

The Goggle Tech Virtual Reality Goggles are a no-frills, compact set of goggles for use viewing 360° videos or accessing Google Cardboard apps on any Android or Apple smartphone with displays up to six inches.  The popularity of Virtual Reality and 360° video is growing every day as more companies like Google and Facebook invest… Read More

Figuring out the right size TV to mount on a wall or fit in your entertainment cabinet just got a little easier than holding a tape measure at a diagonal line when you use the TV Sizer. What is it? The TV Sizer is a very low tech solution to a high tech problem. Just… Read More

I’ve always had a soft spot for Fugoo speakers. Their rugged build, good sound and incredible battery life won me over. However, the original Fugoo speaker and newer XL version are a bit on the expensive side and anyone on a restrictive budget would be hard-pressed to justify buying a Fugoo speaker no matter how… Read More

Watching video in a large format usually requires a huge TV or a projector. LED projectors have brought the price of a projector far down from what it was just a few years ago. We were offered the ELEPHAS 1200 Lumens LED Mini Video Projector to test, and I won the office pool to get it… Read More

Who doesn’t like a contest? Or, in this case, 28 of them. That’s right. BRAVEN is dedicating each of the 28 days of February to sharing; sharing friendship, laughter, experience and most of all, sharing a love of music. Every day of the month, Braven will be giving away a brand new Braven 405, a… Read More

Several months back, in August 2016, I reviewed the Optoma NuForce BE6 Bluetooth wireless headphones. Not long after that review was posted here, Julie let me know that Optoma had already released an updated version of the NuForce BE6, called the  NuForce BE6i. Overall I’d been happy with the NuForce BE6, with the exception of some issues… Read More

Most of the time that I record video on my phone I can find something solid to lean against to avoid the inevitable shaking that results from holding the phone freehand. If I anticipate that I’ll be taking an action shot then I’ll record through Hyperlapse. But what if I really want to go to the next… Read More

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