Let LittleCane “support” your cinematic video

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Most of the time that I record video on my phone I can find something solid to lean against to avoid the inevitable shaking that results from holding the phone freehand. If I anticipate that I’ll be taking an action shot then I’ll record through Hyperlapse. But what if I really want to go to the next step of video recording? LittleCane may be just what I’m looking for. LittleCane is a gimbal for smartphones and GoPro cameras that provides excellent image stabilization and composition control by incorporating pan and tilt capabilities. positioning the phone or camera in the desired locked orientation is easily accomplished by maneuvering the gimbal by hand; it will remember and keep the selected position.  pan and tilt is by a HAT switch on the handle. When paired with a custom smartphone app, the LittleCane can automatically track a subject, take multiple exposure panoramas, or zoom by pushing a button on the handle. This is currently being funded by Kickstarter and it has yet to reach its goal, but if you support now there are still some great opportunities to purchase one for as little as $169.

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