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The Goggle Tech Virtual Reality Goggles are a no-frills, compact set of goggles for use viewing 360° videos or accessing Google Cardboard apps on any Android or Apple smartphone with displays up to six inches.  The popularity of Virtual Reality and 360° video is growing every day as more companies like Google and Facebook invest… Read More

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In a Facebook post last week, Mark Zuckerberg gave an interesting, if somewhat vague, update on work being done by Facebook’s Oculus Research Lab. Zuckerberg described a visit to the Oculus Research lab in Redmond, Washington and the post was accompanied by photos of clean rooms, testing areas, and lens manufacturing. Calling out the specific… Read More

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The Savannah College of Art and Design (SCAD) just released their course catalog that is unlike any college catalog that I've ever seen. The SCAD catalog has over 380 pages that come to life with AR (augmented reality) through 1,000 videos, graphics, and animations. Install the free iOS or Android SCAD app and then click… Read More

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Do you want to create your own 3D videos but think it will cost too much and be too difficult? If you have an Android device with a micro USB port, the Weeview Eye-Plug camera will let you  capture your own VR movies for less than $50. But does the old saying "you get what… Read More

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Are you ready to buy a VR headset but don't want to spend a lot of money just to see what all the fuss is about? The HooToo VR headset is a sub $20 headset that is comfortable, easy to use and even worked with my Nexus 6P phablet. Let's take a look. The HooToo… Read More

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On July 6, 2016, Pokémon Go was released here in the US and Australia. I heard about it last week when a co-worker brought his phone to my desk to ask if I'd seen the game yet. He immediately caught a Ratatat that was hiding on my desk. He was pretty excited about the app… Read More

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Earlier this year, Julie and I had the chance to review the Samsung Gear VR headset while looking at the Galaxy S7 Edge smartphone. Being my first real go at the VR experience, I had a good time with the Oculus-backed headset. That said, the Gear VR only works with recent Galaxy smartphones thus greatly… Read More

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The popularity of virtual reality headsets is growing, while the physical size of these bulky accessories remains the same. However, that might be changing if this folding VR headset from Brando is any indication. This 3D headset is actually built into an iPhone case, so it's easy to use anytime you need a virtual reality… Read More

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Samsung Gear VR review

Julie and I just finished our Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge review last week. Not only did we each receive loaner units of the S7 Edge smartphone, but the Samsung Gear VR as well. After trying it out, we both agreed that the Gear VR deserved a review in and of itself. Dave: I have been… Read More

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Virtual reality headsets like the much talked about Oculus Rift are the next big thing in immersive entertainment and education. Feeling like you're really part of a game, "traveling" to new destinations without leaving your home and learning new skills from your couch are quickly becoming a reality. Just a few weeks ago, I read an… Read More

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