Your next vacation is only $15 with Google Cardboard

Google Cardboard may be Google’s cheapest luxury. For only $15, you can virtually enter any world or environment of your choice. Manufacturers in competition with Google are selling high technology virtual reality goggles for $70-$600! Not only are these glasses expensive, but they contain a strap with which you are supposed to attach the device to your head, which feels very heavy and uncomfortable. With Google Cardboard, you simply insert your smartphone to designated slot in the back, and hold the box up to your face! 

After you install the Google Cardboard app (or any other VR viewing app), you will be instantly gratified with a complete 360 view of your dream-land. No charging, no cords, no batteries! Yes, it’s that easy. If you have ever wished that you could encounter a dinosaur or stand on the edge of a mountain, now you can!

Google Cardboard is available on Amazon now.

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