Goggle Tech Virtual Reality Goggles review

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The Goggle Tech Virtual Reality Goggles are a no-frills, compact set of goggles for use viewing 360° videos or accessing Google Cardboard apps on any Android or Apple smartphone with displays up to six inches. 

The popularity of Virtual Reality and 360° video is growing every day as more companies like Google and Facebook invest in the new medium. Inevitably, the VR accessory market is experiencing a boom as well.

The main VR accessories are Virtual Reality goggles and they exist at every price range, from the high-end Oculus Rifts to the practically free Google Cardboard. The majority of these devices either contain powerful video processors and built-in screens or require you to place your phone into them to provide processing power and a screen. The Goggle Tech Virtual Reality Goggles are a lower-priced set of goggles that take a different approach to viewing your VR apps and videos.

What is it?

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The Goggle Tech Virtual Reality Goggles are a no-frills, compact set of goggles for use viewing 360° videos or accessing Google Cardboard apps on any Android or Apple smartphone with displays up to six inches.

What’s in the box?

The goggles arrive in a small carrying case which includes a foam insert to avoid lens scratches. The case is very convenient and sturdy and allows you to carry the goggles around with you. This is a big plus, because usually VR goggles are big, clunky and don’t pack well. The glass lenses of the goggles are the same that are found in most Google Cardboard devices. I find that these goggles are most useful for short demos or to get a taste of a longer length 360° video. I would not recommend these goggles for extended viewing or gameplay.

Design and features

While the goggles do not provide as immersive an experience as some higher priced versions, they are better when paired with headphones. Whereas more expensive VR headsets usually have mechanical buttons or included Bluetooth controllers, interactivity with Goggle Tech goggles is as simple as touching the screen with your fingers.

Instead of placing your phone into the device for viewing, the Goggle Tech goggles unfold like a standard pair of reading glasses and with the help of two U-shaped end pieces, latch on to the outside of your device. The device holds your phone in pretty securely, but it’s wise to avoid any vigorous shaking and to hold on to your device as well as the goggles while viewing. Because of the minimal design, the goggles do not have a strap for hands-free use like some other devices. If holding your device while viewing is a problem for you, these might not be the goggles you’re looking for. The plus side is that these are very easy to use if you wear glasses.

The goggles are compatible with Google Cardboard, so setup is very easy. Simply scan the QR code on the side of the goggles with your Google Cardboard app and they will be instantly recognized as “C1-Glass”. From there, any Cardboard enabled app will be able to use the goggles properly.

For the price, these goggles definitely deliver. The added convenience of a fold-up design and case is worth paying slightly more than you would for similarly featured goggles. The price gap between these goggles and others that provide slightly better experience is significant, making these a good deal.

The Goggle Tech Virtual Reality Goggles come in four colors; black, white, red and green. The goggles are recommended for adults and children seven and up, but I’ve found that the plastic on the frames is not particularly strong, which means these might not be the best goggles for children to use.

Source: The sample for this review was purchased with my own funds. Please visit Goggle Tech for more info and Amazon to order.


Product Information

Manufacturer:Goggle Tech Inc
  • Affordable
  • Easy to carry around
  • Provides a good experience
  • Not as immersive as other VR goggles on the market

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