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Recently I purchased a fully-loaded Apple Macbook Pro with Retina display.  And since it costs $3,749, I decided it was best to get some form of case to protect my new laptop.  I was deciding between a plastic hard case, sleeve or some form of stick on protector.  I've seen those Zagg booths at the [...]

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If you're looking to skin your iPad or iPhone, you've probably already been shopping various sites that offer ho-hum skins that are far from unique. Never fear, we're here to make sure you don't blend in. Stick them on and stick out with BCO Skins. They offer military skins, glow in the dark skins, metal, [...]

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Adding a skin to your device is a good way to add scratch protection without adding a lot of bulk.  There are basically two types of skins - clear to let your device shine through and colorful, graphical designs that can overwhelm the device.  iCarbons skins offer a different approach.  Their vinyl skins add color [...]

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When you get a new gadget, you have to decide how you're going to protect it.  Cases can provide good protection, but they add bulk and completely obscure the device.  Those thin skins - clear or with a design - add some scratch protection, but some of them can be as slippery as the device [...]

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Are you old enough to remember mood rings - the color-changing plastic rings that supposedly could tell your mood by the temperature of your hand?  RF Laserworks is offering a Heat Sensitive iPhone 4 Backing that sounds like more fun than those rings.  At only 0.005" thick, you'll hardly know anything is on your phone. [...]

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StealthGuards Skins

StealthGuards 'military grade' full body skins are available for many cell phones and MP3 players for FREE, just pay $2.85 S&H. For $2 extra, get two of the same sets. The usual price for most small devices is $14.99, so it is a nice deal! They are a precision-cut. 'self-healing' skin made from the material [...]

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Skinning your phone and other gadgets with custom vinyl decals is nothing new, but how would you like to be able to do the same thing with your car? Original Wraps Inc. (headed up by the original founder of SkinIt.com) is providing car owners the same capability with today's launch of its vehicle graphics personalization [...]

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Initially available for laptops and iPhones, GelaSkins is now offering their vinyl protective covers with popular Marvel Comics characters Iron Man, Spider Man and X-Men. These skins are available now with price ranging between $14.95 and $29.95 based on device.

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Do you remember plastering puffy vinyl stickers all over your stuff when you were a kid? It looks like you can now do the same thing with your iPhone. DomeSkins are 3D skins for the iPhone, iPod Touch, iPod nano and iPod Classic. They are available in a wide assortment of styles and not only [...]

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