DomeSkins add a little puff to your iPhone

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Do you remember plastering puffy vinyl stickers all over your stuff when you were a kid? It looks like you can now do the same thing with your iPhone. DomeSkins are 3D skins for the iPhone, iPod Touch, iPod nano and iPod Classic. They are available in a wide assortment of styles and not only allow you to customize your device, but protect it from scratches.

* Update 4/24/09* I apologize for the word that I used in the original title of this post (I’ve since replaced that word with ‘puff’). I was unaware that the meaning was a derogatory term for gay. It was absolutely not intended. -julie

19 thoughts on “DomeSkins add a little puff to your iPhone”

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  2. Wrong, wrong, wrong!

    WRONG! You cannot use the term “poof”, especially as a form of degradation. You’re implying a negative image, and then associating that with gay people. I’m not one of these uptight, hyper-sensitive types… and I’ve never bothered reacting to narrow minded morons, BUT your words are simply wrong, offensive and hateful. Grow-up little girl.
    Prove me wrong and submit my comment on your little Site.

    1. @Wrong By ‘poof’, I meant puffy. I had no clue it was a derogatory gay term outside of the US. If you knew me, you would know that I would never post something like that… I’ll go change the word to puff and hope that’s not even worse.

  3. @Wrong So you are “not one of these uptight, hyper-sensitive types”, but still you rushed to assume Julie meant to insult people with her wording? Did it ever occur to you that slang words (particularly offensive ones) are often highly regional, and that it was remotely possible that Julie was not aware of that meaning?

    I think your comment was simply wrong, offensive and hateful. You should learn some tolerance. And I think she proved you wrong not only by posting your comment on her “little site”, but by responding calmly and professionally.

    1. @ZZamboni Thank you for coming to my defense. I still feel bad about the post though… I’ve just asked a couple of people here where I work about that word and they are as clueless as I am/was.

  4. Mr Wrong Wrong Wrong….Way off base with those comments. Slang terms mean different things to different people in different locations in different time eras. If you had actually read the posting, you could have seen it was not intended in the manner that you apparently took it.


    Isn’t poof ‘Onomatopoeia’? Not wishing to sound childish but is it just because your mindset jumped to the wrong conclusion in the first instance… I’m from the UK and am aware that it has two different meanings.. If you read the article before jumping to your conclusion you’d be feeling sheepish (oh no wait I said sheep am I being radically racist towards the welsh now?! Somebody call The Politically Collect Police Force!)

    Disgruntled Dan!

  6. obvious WRONG (x3) is a troll lurker. IMO, apologizing is above and beyond a simple mistake. this person who called J out is just wanting attention and should just stop forcing people into a corner over our expansive dialect that can easily be misused based on the wrong context. press on!

  7. Random troll is random. And nobody I know, with the exception of my buddy from Wales, would know the connotations of the slang use of the word.

    It is nice that people all over the world read your site…even if a few of them are annoying gits.

  8. Thats a cool idea…if i find those stickers I could make my own skin..haha too bad I dont have an iphone..but my ipod family will benefit nicely!!

    btw, Julie, I hope that comment from that “wrong” person doesn’t get you down. He/she has nothing better to do than to blast someone for some trivial issue. It is not worth the negative energy!!

    have a good Friday!!

  9. @wrong wrong wrong.

    It’s called context. It means you read the words around the word that offends you to see what the author intended, before turning into a holier-than-thou soapboxer on some kind of crusade against someone who, in the eleven years I have known her, has never, ever tried to offend anyone. Have you never heard of giving someone the benefit of the doubt?

    Here, I’ll fix your post for you:

    “Hi Julie. Great review. I just wanted to let you know that this word you used means something in other parts of the world than it does in the U.S. I just thought I’d let you know. I’m sure it’s an honest mistake.

    Save your vitriol for those who have a demonstrated history of homophobia and discrimination. Give the benefit of the doubt to those who do not.

  10. Please do not feed the trolls.

    Ignore them, and *POOF*! They’ll be gone.

    Julie is the kindest, sweetest gadgetmistress I know. Leave her out of this.

  11. The thing is that people that really know me, are laughing right now. 🙂 I appreciate everyone that jumped to my aid. I seriously love you guys!

    And with that, I think it’s time to let this thread drop and we can get on to other things.

  12. Am I the only person with a clue? I get the whole poofy thing and I am from the UK, but I see no issue with “poofy”, I find it vey onomatopoeic and suggests softness and sponginess. Chill out kids, theres bigger fish to fry. Go ride a bike, read a book, paint a picture. Don’t sit on the internet ranting at the wind, it achieves nothing.

  13. WOW. Mr upset clearly has no idea what “context” is. Had you shown a picture of my college room mate with “poofy” people would have simply nodded their heads and said “Oh, well CLEARLY”. Side note- unbelievable oatmeal. That guy could cook up a batch of oatmeal in a crock pot that would shame Julia Child!

    ON that note, mr sassy, he used the term for HIMSELF and always with a smile. Till today, I never EVER thought of it as derogatory. Thanks for adding to my life in that little way. sigh.

  14. Wrong, wrong, wrong!

    Well… haven’t the troops rallied!?! Endearing to read, and it shows that Julie must be loved/liked by those that are familiar with her. But here’s something enlightening for you ALL… its the World Wide Web. Maybe not everyone in the world knows Julie, or this little corner of the Web and understands HER localisms. So somehow, I’m now the arsehole?!? 10 points to Julie for posting my original comment, you’ve shown great integrity. Zero points for the people that don’t make allowances for those that read your words and take offence at those words verbatim. Why can’t I be offended “forrester” (and the likes)? It’s a rude and offensive word in Australia… simple. Your word “fanny” in USA, means C*NT in Australia. We know that here, so we don’t take offence, we just laugh at the Americans. I’m still not convinced that no-one you know would think “poof” is an insult… but obviously it doesn’t matter what we all think.

  15. Wrong, wrong, wrong! – Get a life. Fine, you’re offended. Big deal. The idea that “anything that might offend anyone is wrong” is childish at best. So many people go around looking for a chance to be offended so they can go off. Offended? Then go away.

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