The Electrohome Retro Clock Radio is styled after the alarm clocks that our grandparents kept on their nightstands. Remember the actual bells on top that rang when the alarm went off? The Electrohome Retro Clock Radio may look like those clocks of yesteryear, but that's where the comparison ends. This clock has a digital display [...]

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We remodeled our basement living room about 5 years ago and continue to decorate it with framed pictures and other items. One thing Jeanne and I could not find was the perfect clock. She wanted something unique and I wanted something more traditional and easy to see. Since we couldn't agree on one, we've settled [...]

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There are few things worse than the shrill, sleep interrupting sound of your morning alarm. What if instead of being abruptly awoken by that awful sound, you could be gently stirred from sleep by an intoxicating aroma? The team behind the SensorWake wants waking to be the best part of your day by starting it [...]

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This clock is designed to look like three planets orbiting a sun in a tiny solar system; it reminds me of the Emerald Observatory app for iPad that I wrote about years ago.  The clock face is rubberized, so it won't scuff as the planets move around to show the time.  The planets look like [...]

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We've told you about these ultra-cool steampunk clocks with Nixie tubes displays.  Nixie tubes are "the LEDs of yesteryear" that used to be used for displays on scientific equipment, voltmeters, counters, and control panels.  They're no longer in production, but ThinkGeek found some limited-edition kits that let you build your own clock with an alarm function [...]

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If you have a tiny kitchen like mine, every item on the countertop has to have earned its place there.  The Maverick Chef Tunes Bluetooth Speaker and Roasting Thermometer does quadruple duty, so it would be worthy of the 12" x 2.5"  x 3.5" of counter it would require.  The Chef Tunes is a Bluetooth [...]

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The face of the new Kisai Radioactive watch from Tokyoflash Japan looks like it could be the monitor display on a nuclear reactor.  The lights flash to display the time, and an animation mode will look like a constantly changing status display (can be turned off).  The case and band are made of brushed stainless steel, [...]

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The ClockONE from Twelve24 is simple and beautiful. It's a wall mountable 39.37 x 13.78 inches (1000 x 350 mm) clock that features a digital display that uses E-ink. The clock runs for one year on one CR2450 button battery and mounts to the wall with a magnet. I love the look of it and [...]

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Instead of interesting graphical displays, the latest Tokyoflash watch uses a word matrix to tell you the time or date.  The words needed to display the information flash on the face of the Kisai Kaidoku Wood watch, so you don't have to learn to decode a pattern to tell the time.  As a matter of [...]

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The new Kisai Sequence watch from Tokyoflash Japan features a stainless steel case, leather strap, custom-made curved acrylic lens, "sub-surface digital tube LEDs, and an alternating pattern of raised cubes."  The time can be displayed in 12- or 24-hour format and in either regular or cryptic mode.  It also has an alarm function and six animations. [...]

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Smartwatches have been a dream of technophiles since the Dick Tracy days.  While they have not yet reached the dream of the standalone phone, what they can do while partnered with a smartphone far outstrips anything Tracy's wrist gear aspired to.  Hot on the heels of Samsung's Tizen-powered Gear 2 watch, the Gear Live watch [...]

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Grovemade makes handmade leather and wood accessories, and they have recently announced the addition of wood and leather watches.  They say their Wood Watches allow "for the observance of time in a more natural essence."  They are available in Eastern Hardrock Maple or Oregon Claro Walnut faces; both versions have stainless steel casings.  The walnut is available with a [...]

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I've had my iHome docking alarm clock since the 3nd generation iPod Touch came out. I enjoyed the easy interface that iHome brought, and that it worked with my iPhone when I got one. Sadly, when they upgraded to the Lightning connector the dock no longer worked with my phone, but I had grown so [...]

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The Kisai Xtal Wood watch from Tokyoflash Japan has a wood band and hexagonal case and a faceted mineral crystal lens.  You can have it display the time in normal mode (top image) or in cryptic mode (bottom image).  It also displays the date and has an alarm function;  you can also select from six [...]

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I like wrist watches.  OK, I said it and that probably makes me a dinosaur.  Although I have a cell phone which I can reference for the time, to me there's nothing like the convenience of having a timepiece on my wrist, and I don't have to fish it out of my pocket to check [...]

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The new Kisai Night Vision Wood watch from Tokyoflash Japan looks like a wooden bracelet until you trigger the bright LEDs under the wood to shine through and display the time or date.  It's USB rechargeable, and it comes with a screwdriver so you can remove the cover for the watch's USB port.  It's available [...]

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If you or a loved one has a lot of medicine to take daily, you may already be familiar with MedCenter.  They make pill organizer systems, like the ones seen in the top photos, that can hold up to four separate doses for up to 31 days, depending on the system.  If the patient has [...]

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Smart watches are becoming more and more popular.  It's intriguing to think of having a Dick Tracy-style watch that shows you the time and keeps you in communication with your world.  There are already several smart watches on the market that sync with your phone so you can see who's calling or texting, let you [...]

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The latest offering from Tokyoflash Japan is the Limited Edition Kisai Quasar Silicone Watch.  The Quasar watch shows time as either a normal numeric format or as a pattern mode.  It has a silicone band and body with a inner metal casing.  It also has date and alarm modes, stop watch function, animation, and an electroluminescent [...]

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The Wyzer Wall Clock is just a pair of hands - no numbers, no markers, and no face.  It's made of PET plastic, and it measures 23.6" in diameter.  It requires a AA battery to power the German movement, and you'll have to provide your own battery.  You can use it as it is, with [...]

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