Last week Bob told us about a bag from ThinkGeek called The Bag of Holding. Today I want to tell you about another Bag of Holding from ThinkGeek. This time it's a bag that's been designed especially to survive a convention. The Con-Survival Edition of the Bag of Holding has several cool features that will… Read More

I'm a sucker for organization and minimalism. To me, there's nothing better than having a place for everything and having everything in its place, and all the better if I can consolidate and reduce the number of things that I have to carry with me on a daily basis. So when I got my hands… Read More

I'm a huge fan of backpacks and bags of all kinds, and one of my favorite bags with a shoulder strap is the Mission Rucksack by Toffee. I loved bringing that on the plane, but I have started using my iPad less and less, and I usually just bring my MacBook Pro on trips now… Read More

"Classic Modern Mountain" is how Topo Designs describes their distinctive style. This Colorado-based maker of outdoor gear & apparel is known for products that feature simple functional design, exceptional craftsmanship, and distinctive color schemes. The new Stack Pack offers flexible organization for work, travel, and hiking expeditions.  The two-chamber design of the Stack Pack offers… Read More

You've got to love ThinkGeek. There's no better place to find whimsical gadgets, gear, and collectibles related to all of your nerdy passions (gaming, sci-fi, fantasy, comics, etc.). They also design some pretty clever products. With the new iteration of The Bag of Holding, ThinkGeek seeks to improve on a messenger that has been very… Read More

If you're a Gadgeteer, you most likely have some favorite EDC (Every Day Carry) items that you carry with you on a regular basis. That either means you have huge pockets, or you use a gear bag like I do. Trying to find the holy grail of gear bags is a quest that a lot… Read More

Founded in 2014, Brothers Leather Supply has been steadily building a reputation around their affordable leather products and distinctive urban/rugged style. The latest offering from the Grand Rapids, Michigan studio serves up a whole new look (and materials) with the Canvas Collection.  The Canvas Collection sports a modern look while paying homage to heritage design… Read More

As an avid day tripper/hiker, I am constantly on the prowl for backpacks. Here is one backpack with an interesting backstory of Jake Starr, a firefighter.  Looking to supplement his income prior to the birth of his son, he taught himself to sew handmade goods hoping to sell his creations over the internet. At the… Read More

Timbuk2 dominates my bag collection. These folks have a knack for continually developing new styles & innovating their designs while continuing to build rock-solid, comfortable carry pieces. The new Edge Collection continues that tradition with a focus on tough, weatherproof bags focused on getting you and your gear safely to your destination.  Made for the… Read More

We get it. You don't like to be tethered to some workstation just to get through your daily workload. What if you could throw your office on your back, take your work with you and keep your mobile devices charged by harnessing the energy of that glowing ball of exploding gas in the sky? Enter… Read More

Even though I’ve reviewed a few backpacks to hold my gadgets and stuff, this is the first bonafide suitcase I’ve reviewed. I don’t travel much for my job, but when my wife and I travel, our cheap carryons are nothing but a pain—and kinda embarrassing when seen at an airport. So when the very attractive ec-bc… Read More

I was introduced to Colonel Littleton products by Dave Rees who has reviewed a few of the men's line of exquisite handcrafted leather bags here on the Gadgeteer. I had the opportunity last year to review the Colonel Littleton Bentley Tote which was absolutely fabulous. Now I've been given the privilege to review another of… Read More

Are you a fan of HBO's Westworld? I was able to watch part of the first season during a free HBO weekend on DirecTV and thought it was a fun sci-fi series. I love the old west meets futuristic high-tech theme and the new Maverick leather messenger bag from Waterfield looks like it could fit… Read More

Colonel Littleton creates some of the finest bags I have ever had the privilege to carry my gear in. My 1943 Navigator bag has traveled the world with me and continues to be my EDC bag. It is a true workhorse and nearly bulletproof, receiving regular compliments as it grows old with me. But when the… Read More

As a home educator, sometimes I have to teach while out and about. During such times, I carry my teaching materials with me in a backpack. Some inexpensive backpacks don't last very long while other more expensive backpacks last longer. One thing seems to be true of most of them - they all tend to… Read More