TerraOmni Vest review – A wearable gear bag?

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CROWDFUNDING REVIEW – If you hate carrying a bag on your shoulder every time you go shopping, traveling, etc. you might be interested in the TerraOmni Vest which is currently seeking funding on Kickstarter.  Let’s take a look.

What is it?

The TerraOmni Vest is a wearable gear organizer/bag with tons of pockets that is made of nylon fabric sourced from recycled plastic bottles.

What’s in the box?

terra omni vest 1

  • TerraOmni Vest
  • Drawstring storage pouch

Design and features

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At first glance, you might mistake the TerraOmni Vest for a fisherman’s vest and you wouldn’t be that far off the mark. Just like a fisherman’s vest, the TerraOmni is a way to carry gear more comfortably than putting it in a bag that you sling over your shoulder.

The TerraOmni Vest is made of a slightly stretchy material that is light weight and comfortable. The zippered vest features a LOT of pockets, so let’s take a tour of them. On the front are two large lower pockets that have flaps that are secured by wide strips of Velcro. These pockets are large enough for a smartphone, e-reader, wallet, notebook, etc.

At chest level, there are smaller pockets with flaps and on the right side, there are two pen loops.

terra omni vest 12

The TerraOmni Vest has 2 big mesh pockets behind the front pockets.

There is also a long pocket on each side of the vest that can hold a water bottle.

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Here we see the vest unzipped. It might be hard to see in the image above, but the back of the TerraOmni Vest has a mesh panel that is designed to help wick away moisture if you’re wearing the TerraOmni in hot weather.

terra omni vest 14

The back of the vest even has a panel that you can unzip…

terra omni vest 15

…to let more air in. The flap rolls up and stows in the small pocket in the hem.

terra omni vest 2

The shoulders of the TerraOmni Vest are made of adjustable webbed straps.

terra omni vest 7

I gave the folks at TerraOmni my physical measurements so they could make me a sample vest that would properly fit me but it still is way too big.

I look like I’m ready to go on a fishing trip. I just need to go find my fishing pole, waders, and tacklebox. I tested the TerraOmni Vest by putting my phone, wallet, notebook, lip balm, and some other small personal EDC items in the pockets which easily held my gear.

terra omni vest 10

In addition to wearing the vest, you can also turn the TerraOmni Vest into a bag. The bottom edge/hem of the vest has a built-in zipper that you can zip to convert it into a tote bag.

terra omni vest 8

Then you can use the shoulder straps to sling the bag over your shoulder.

terra omni vest 9

I think I look better using the TerraOmni Vest as a tote bag rather than wearing it as a vest. But, I would consider wearing it to go hiking or camping (or fishing).

What I like

  • Light weight
  • Lots of pockets
  • Converts into a tote bag
  • Folds and stores in a drawstring pouch
  • Affordable

What I’d change

  • Create a more feminine version

Final thoughts

I realize that not everyone is going to like the style of the TerraOmni Vest because it has a more masculine style/cut that women might not like. But I do think the TerraOmni Vest is a useful wearable gear bag that can easily convert into a tote bag and then store it away when you don’t need it.

The TerraOmni Vest campaign ends on 10/29/23 and they have a  funding goal of $5,000. You can pre-order a TerraOmni Vest starting at $69. After the TerraOmni Vest campaign ends, rewards are estimated to start shipping in December 2023. Visit their Kickstarter page for all the details.

Price: $69.00
Where to buy: Kickstarter
Source: The sample for this review was provided by TerraOmni.

5 thoughts on “TerraOmni Vest review – A wearable gear bag?”

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  2. I wear a vest most of the time outside my home since it’s a good way to organizer all my stuff vs using my pant pockets. I’ve been looking at this vest for a couple of weeks online and although it is interesting it is too dorky for me. Also if the body was all mesh then I would consider it as it should be cooler than a normal vest.

  3. I like the feature that can turn this vest into a tote bag. However…it is not just a “…more feminine” style, but a just better looking style for everyone that is needed. I can’t see myself walking around in nearby SanFran wearing this thing, or boarding a flight. I’ve been wearing SCOTTeVEST gear for about 15 years and the various pockets are well designed for my gear and very versatile.

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