Inateck Electronics Organizer Travel Case review – your stuff but organized

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REVIEW – I’m on a never-ending, eternal quest to keep things organized. I’ve settled on small victories instead, such as this travel organizer from Inateck. Its clever clamshell design has a nook and cranny for almost anything.

What is it?

The Inateck Electronics Organizer Travel Case is a series of pouches designed to bring some order to your travel. Comes in Small (left) and Large (right) in three different colors. I was sent black bags in each size.

inateck electronics organizer 02

Hardware specs

The larger Inateck Electronics Organizer Travel Case measures over 9 inches long and resembles a toiletry kit. The small is about an inch shorter.

inateck electronics organizer 01

  • Exterior: 1200D polyester
  • Dual YKK zippers
  • Lycra interior layer
  • Large: 26cm * 9.5cm *15cm (9.84in *3.74in * 5.9in)
  • Small: 21cm * 8cm * 13 cm (8.27in * 3.15in * 5.12 in)

Design and features

The large and small bags look identical from the outside, other than the different dimensions.

inateck electronics organizer 03

inateck electronics organizer 04

Both Inateck Electronics Organizer Travel Cases include a low-profile grab handle.

inateck electronics organizer 06

Each bag has a dual YKK zipper to open the organizer in either direction. Note the contrasting color pull.

inateck electronics organizer 05

This is the large organizer on the inside. The webbing creates an interesting, origami-inspired series of folds that not only creates individual pockets, but stands upright when laid out flat like a book. The large organizer features a diamond-shaped “mouth” in the center.

inateck electronics organizer 07

A top-down look into the large Inateck Electronics Organizer Travel Case. There is a zippered pocket inside the center “mouth”.

inateck electronics organizer 08

The interior sides also have elastic loops and pockets with hook and loop tabs.

inateck electronics organizer 09

The small organizer is very similar but with fewer folds.

inateck electronics organizer 10

Like it’s larger sibling, the small organizer features a zippered pocket in the center “mouth”.

inateck electronics organizer 11


And now it’s feeding time! I stuffed a bunch of everyday items into the large Inateck Electronics Organizer Travel Case. I almost missed the two pen slot loops!

inateck electronics organizer 13

inateck electronics organizer 15

The small organizer is no slouch either. The only limitation is the smaller dimensions, yet it still retained the two pen slot loops.

inateck electronics organizer 12

What I like

  • Clever design
  • Two sizes
  • Your choice of three colors

What I’d change

  • None

Final thoughts

The Inateck Electronics Organizer pouches have earned a spot in my everyday carry backpack. One now lives there, and the other for my camping expeditions.

Price: $32.99 (large), $30.99 (small)
Where to buy: Inateck store on Amazon or
Source: The sample of this product was provided by Inateck.

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