STEP 22 Tenkile tech pouch review – Keep all your gear in one place

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REVIEW – So many little bits and bobs are involved with being a True Gadgeteer. Dongles for your laptops and displays. Chargers. (So. Many. Chargers!) Data cards for drones, cameras, phones, tablets and your great-aunt Sophie’s digital picture frame. A tech pouch to gather similar-but-separate bits and pieces for your devices is a good thing. STEP 22 has a series of pouches that can help you organize and transport all manner of tech tidbits with ease. I am reviewing one today, their Tenkile No. 22-Tenk-Blk-04, designed to handle the small stuff. Let’s dig in.

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The bottom and the side with Molle bands are smooth, the front and top have a textured pattern.

What is it?

The STEP 22 Tenkile is a small-ish tech pouch with several dividers and zippered pockets.

What’s in the box?

  • STEP 22 Tenkile tech pouch
  • Molle webbing for attaching to other bags
  • Molle inserts to allow for attachment of a shoulder strap
  • Velcro spaces for writing on or attaching information.

Hardware specs

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  • Unique zipper configuration creates a built-in workspace.
  • Main compartment adjustability for customized loadout.
  • Front pocket passthrough for tidy cable management and easy charging.
  • MOLLE / PALS compatible for endless use scenarios.
  • Included MOLLE HooKit™ attachments are shoulder strap ready.
  • Fully padded to protect all your techy toys.

Design and features

The STEP 22 Tenkile Tech Pouch is a 4.5” x 5.5” x 9” -ish soft-sided pouch that zippers corner-to-corner across the two short sides and lays open as a large tray with a few extra pouches. When opened, the “tray” takes up a 9” x 8” space, with 6” x 8” being open with gussets 2” up the hinge to keep things contained.

Step22Tenkile 13
Opened showing working tray with gimbal inside. Notice the gussets in the corners of the zippers.

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There are two zippered net pockets (one of which bridges to the exterior – it’s on the bottom of the “tray” – see photo above) and a few triangular partitions that have Velcro to make for a honeycomb effect when organizing storage.

Step22Tenkile 2

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There is a covered pass-thru from the interior to the outside on the edge of the front zipper. In days gone by, this would be great for connecting headphones to your music/podcast source inside. In this current era of wireless listening devices, it’s not as valuable. If intended for wired charging, it’s a bit awkward because there’s nowhere to put the external device you’re charging. But I guess you could connect internal items to a wall plug through it.


It’s odd to think of “performance” regarding any type of carrying case, but with a small tech case, it becomes important. If it’s a hassle to open due to the zipper’s manufacture or due to how you have to hold the pack while pulling the zipper, it will frustrate you every time you open or close it. (I have a few of these cases – one that I dearly wish I could love, but that is just maddening to open due to how the zipper is placed. You just can’t easily hold it to open it.) The STEP 22 has a full hand-sized handle across the side running parallel to the corner where the zipper is placed. This means you have leverage to hold the pouch while opening or closing. You have control. Additionally, the double pulls allow you maximum control over where those pulls start and end and how the bag will open.

Step22Tenkile 6
When fully unzipped, the front falls away with a quarter-height gusset that forms a tray for you to access items from. I keep a handheld gimbal in here, but I can place my action camera in here while changing batteries or data cards. Or drone propellers if I’m having to replace some that met a rogue power line. Having a safe space for small tech parts while in the field is invaluable.

The material of the STEP 22 has a pleasing box-like texture on one half, and a more utilitarian smooth material across the bottom and the rear side. Along with the contrasting zipper colors between the two halves, it adds to the enjoyment of the case, as well as the visual beauty.

Step22Tenkile 3
The full three-tape Molle webbing across the back means you can attach this pack to any Molle-compatible bag easily. There are also two Molle-compatible inserts that give you a plastic triangle that will allow attaching a clip-on strap. (Strap not included.) This could be a belt, a cross-body strap, or a wrist strap. Placement is easy, removal is quick.

What I like

  • Sharp looks, contrasting colors
  • Excellent pockets and interior design
  • Full hand-sized strap, well-placed for best leverage
  • Open “working tray” design is a killer feature.

What I’d change

  • Maybe add a hanging loop from one of the corners?

Final thoughts

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STEP 22 has a wide array of carrying cases and bags. I was happy to be introduced to their product line through this tech case: it’s a great design in a category I like because I’m always carrying around those odd pieces that make or break your enjoyment of using your gadgets. I’m currently using it for mobile phones and photography attachments: MagSafe phone charger/phone grip, phone tripod mounts, handheld gimbal, action camera, etc. I can’t wait to travel with it!

Price: $70.00
Where to buy: Company Webstore
Source: The sample of this product was provided by STEP 22.

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