As headphones become more popular as an audio accessory and fashion statement, some companies have been able to adapt to this evolving market better than others. Some lean more towards the design while others cater to the audiophile crowd. V-Moda has tried to have it both ways. With the over-ear (circumaural) Crossfade LP, they succeeded [...]

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If your computer's sound card leaves a lot to be desired, you can bypass it with the Audioengine D2 Premium 24-bit Wireless DAC.  Connect the digital-to-analog converter (DAC) to your computer, and you'll be able to wirelessly stream HD audio to any system.  It's a high-quality USB wireless computer DAC, a wireless USB-to-SPDIF converter, and [...]

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The one thing I really missed from the Audyssey South of Market speaker dock I recently reviewed was Apple’s AirPlay technology (plus no headphone port, but I digress). I was so sure that the next version of that speaker would have it. I was wrong – sort of. Audyssey has released an AirPlay speaker. It’s just [...]

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Whenever I am reviewing headsets, I am always looking for thought in the design as well as function and comfort. PureGear's PureBeats certainly has a fresh look.  But do they deliver quality sound or are they just another cheap in-ear headset that is over priced? What is most notable is the cable. You won't find [...]

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If you are like most people in today’s economy, you are always looking for ways to save a little (or a lot) of money. The same holds true in the audio world. It doesn’t matter whether you are happy with the earbuds that came with your iPod/iPhone or have invested in better quality headphones or [...]

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What keeps you entertained when you hit the gym?  I’m sure most of your answers would be a mp3 player or flirting with that gorgeous guy/girl next to you.  But let's stick with audio for this review.  Wearing headphones when working out is very common these days.  But the main problem is that most headphones [...]

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How do you judge a pair of headphones in this pristine, digital age when you’re listening to a new track from Jónsi and Alex that has analog noise added for effect? I have no idea, but boy, does it sound ethereal and haunting. The track is “Daníell In The Sea”, which may not be your [...]

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While some earphones/headphones available for the iPhone/iPod/iPad are great, most fall into the pretty good category.  But all of them are light years better than the earbuds that come standard with your device. The difference is that noticeable. This is not a review for you who are still using earbuds, unless you KNOW how awful [...]

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The iP49 Portable Rechargeable Audio System for iPhone/iPod is iHome’s first portable alarm clock radio with a rechargeable battery that lets users enjoy hours of music anywhere, any time.  It delivers 20 watts of power and has a compact folding design. Docking station allows owners to charge their iPhone/iPod, listen to music, and wake to [...]

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It seems that if you have a bluetooth headset hanging out your ear you risk be labeled a "blue-tool", but if you have your headphones on, that's OK. If you worry about such things, I recently received a solution in the Sony Ericsson MW600 Hi-Fi Wireless Headset. While designed to work with Sony Ericsson phones, the [...]

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Have an iPhone or iPod touch?  Want to become a DJ?  If so then Touch DJ is the app for you!  This app is the first and only DJ app for the iPhone and iPod touch.  Now you can DJ anywhere with real time independent manipulation of 2 MP3/M4A files.  It also supports the common [...]

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Vestalife recently revealed three new models of their line of insect-inspired iPod and iPhone-compatible speaker docks.  The Ladybug II ($100) is larger than the previous Ladybug model, and claims enhanced sound over its predecessor, while the Firefly (pictured) promises a wider soundstage and features a very appealing organic design for $130.  The top end is [...]

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Let me start by saying that these Diamond Mini-Rockers are probably the best sounding small speakers I've ever heard. I kept asking people to listen to them, to see if I was imagining it, but everyone who listened to these speakers was impressed. The Mini-Rockers are rated at 4 watts, they're only 4x2 inches, the [...]

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Jabra Halo

Though announced and shown to the public back in April, Jabra's HALO headphones finally began making their way to stores on Monday.  These low-profile, foldable headphones support the A2DP Bluetooth profile so that they can be used as wireless stereo headphones, and they also utilize Jabra's Noise Blackout™ technology to minimize background noise when you [...]

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Total Bithead Box

Have you ever really listened to your favorite music?  Most of you either answered yes or know where I’m going and are rolling your eyes.  To those of you in the latter group, I know you’ve been here before so I’ll make my intro nice and short.   If you do not have a good [...]

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Sennheiser, maker of high-end consumer and professional audio gear, announced yesterday the addition of two Bluetooth headsets to their lineup, the PXC 310 BT and PX 210 BT.  Both models have onboard media controls, a folding design for travel, rechargeable lithium polymer batteries, and include an adapter and cable for listening to devices that do [...]

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The Cirago CMC1000 Multimedia Center is an enigma. I've never heard of the company, or the product. Google found a few online sites that carry it, so I can tell you the 500GB model I am reviewing sells for under $190 online, and its 1TB version goes for about $60 more. It sure seems like [...]

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Three products you might need for your second (or with a bit of a squeeze first) generation iPod Touch from XGear: the Mirage Touch mirrored screen protector, Nitrous Oxide case, and the Spring Base speaker. Let's start with the ones I didn't like so we can end with a big happy finish. This is one [...]

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I have been using my second generation iPod Shuffle for years now. I primarily use it running and during tasks that would put my Touch in harms way. My Shuffle has truly been a trooper... I have dropped it, washed it, sweat on it, etc. It continues to keep putting along. That said, I tried [...]

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Over the years, I've tried quite a few devices that allow you to watch and listen to your digital media through your television set. Some of these devices have included WiFi, some included hard drives, some required that you stream the content from a computer to the player and some required that you convert the content to a format that the player could handle. For one reason or another, I stopped using all of those devices except for the AppleTV. I really like the AppleTV's user interface, but have never really liked the fact that I have to convert the files and then 'send' them from my desktop computer to the AppleTV in the living room. I'm all about simplicity, and while the AppleTV comes close, it doesn't quite get there. I think I've found a device that does get there tho. It's the WD TV HD Media Player from Western Digital.

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