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Every decade or so, there comes certain fashions, foods, oreven dances (remember the Macarena!) that transcend international boundaries and becomes popular just about everywhere on the planet. I would put sudoku in that category. Just in case you’ve been living under a rock, sudoku has done just that by becoming popular with the crossword puzzle crowd to dominate every bookstore shelf, grace the pages of many newspapers and periodicals and of course, the thousands of fan web sites around the world devoted to the game.

Most of the time, I find that the i-mate JasJar’s 1620mAh factory original battery is sufficient to make it through a typical day. However when I am using the built-in wireless extensively, when I am traveling, or when I am not able to recharge at some point during the day, I have noticed a definite need for a backup power solution. That’s why I was very interested to learn that Lion Battery was carrying a 4800mAh Mugen Power Battery replacement for the HTC Universal / i-mate JasJar.

I am going to take a tiny bit of credit for the product that I’ll be reviewing today, so if you like it, let me know. If you don’t like it…well, what’s not to like? Here’s the story: Soon after I purchased my PPC-6700, also known as the HTC Apache, I contacted Vaja and asked… Read More

I think that many HTC Apache owners would agree that they use their PDA Phone without a headset more often than not. Even though the 6700 is a little brick, it can comfortably be held to the face when talking without making its owner look like a complete tool. For that reason alone, I think… Read More

Looking for the perfect HTC Apache case has turned into an obsession for quite a few of the device’s owners. But what is perfect for one person may be the ultimate deal-breaker for another. Some people want a case that protects every corner and surface, while others want the thinnest possible design – one that… Read More

Many new cars come with GPS navigation systems. But what if you don’t have one? Adding it might not be practical-perhaps you drive more than one vehicle, travel and rent often, or just don’t want an expensive piece of electronics permanently and visibly stuck to your dash. Today’s smartphones and PDAs are powerful enough to… Read More

It totally figures that about the time I am ready to move on from a device, its accessories will start becoming available. Ah well, such is the life of an early adopter… Case in point, I recently received the new PDair aluminum case for the HTC Apache/PPC-6700. I have long been a fan of this… Read More

First I want to thank Judie for this opportunity. I love the Gadgeteer site and this was a great chance to contribute. (Shameless sucking up finished, now to the review); I just got the Qtek 9100 Windows Mobile phone and was looking for a case for it when I read the post asking for a… Read More

Early last year, when the first rumors began to swirl that HTC would be introducing a Pocket PC Phone Edition made with the mini-laptop form factor of the CLIÉ UX50 and Zaurus SL-C3100, my interest was immediately piqued. After all, I had long been bemoaning the fact that as of yet there were no similarly… Read More

I’ve been eagerly awaiting the appearance of cases for the HTC Apache since I bought mine, and I am happy to report that they are finally starting to appear. That’s not to say that pouch-style versions haven’t been available for some time, but what I really wanted was a case in which I could keep… Read More

One of the first things I did after getting the HTC Apache / Sprint PPC-6700 was to start looking for accessories, but it has not been easy. As has been the case every time a new device has come to market, there was a bit of a time lag between acquiring the device and acquiring… Read More

In September 2005, my daily driver PDA was an HP iPAQ hx-4700 and my mobile phone was the Samsung i550, a Palm OS device that was never technically released in the US. I thought that I was satisfied with the combination of the two devices – enjoying the best of both PDA worlds in a… Read More

When I bought my O2 XDA II Mini in February this year, I thought “Now this device will be a keeper for at least a year”. How silly of me. As soon as I started reading about the HTC Universal, I knew that was going to change. A device that had a built-in keyboard, WiFi… Read More

I’ve covered some great leather cases for the HP iPAQ 4500 series in the last year or so, but only recently have there been a selection of cases available for the iPAQ when equipped with its most useful add-on accessory – the extended battery. Even though the extended battery takes an otherwise thin (0.6") PDA… Read More

Knowing my past track record and how notorious I can be for switching PDAs every time something new and shiny comes out, makes it hard for some to believe that I’ve been happily using the HP iPAQ hx4700 since October 2004. Amazingly enough, there just haven’t been any announcements for other upcoming devices that have… Read More