E&B Company’s Slipper PAQ 4700 Review

Product Requirements:
HP iPAQ hx4700 / hx4705

Last month I found myself doing a search for iPAQ 4700 cases, and I came
across the newest offerings from
E&B Company
. Now there was a blast from the past! Would you believe
that it has been over three years since I reviewed an E&B case?
Obviously it was time to get reacquainted with the new incarnation of an old
friend, the Slipper PAQ 4700.

This latest Slipper case is available with or without a belt-clip and in
blue, black or brown smooth Nappa cowhide. At my request, I was sent the black
version sans belt-clip.


Opening the package, the first thing I noticed was that the sleek good looks
I had always expected from E&B were still present. A discreet metal tag graces
the bottom right front, but otherwise there are no logos or decorations

 …unless you count the unusual stitch-work on the bottom corners of
the PDA holster, which is visible when the case is open or closed. All of the
complimentary black stitching on the case is tight and even, and there is a real
feeling of quality. The all black exterior is conservative, but the addition of
the stitch-work keeps it from being boring.

There is a dip in the contour of the flip-lid to accommodate a plugged-in

There are properly placed cut-outs for the record button on the left side…

…as well as the reset hole, sync/charge port and the Infrared port on the

The leather has a pleasant smell, and the plastic reinforced flip-lid feels
nicely padded without adding much bulk to the package. With an iPAQ inserted,
the case measures approximately 5.25" tall x 3.2" wide x 1" thick.

All in all, the exterior is conservative enough for even the most uptight
office, yet somehow the case manages not to look like something only a
"Corporate Joe" would carry.

Opening the case, I noticed that something was missing…and boy, was I glad
to see it gone! What am I talking about? Why, the dreaded Velcro beast.
That’s right, at some time in the last couple of years E&B did away with it and
went to an integrated magnet closure.

You can see the two thin bumps on the flip-lid as well as the holster where
the magnets have been pocketed.

The flip-lid is has two ID or credit card slots. However, because the case
uses magnets, E&B recommends that the user play it safe and only store business
cards in these slots. There is also a deep pocket behind these slots, suitable
for tucking bills or receipts. Almost completely hidden inside this deep pocket
are two cleverly hidden SD card pockets. One pocket is slightly deeper than the
other, which will allow it to accommodate some SDIO expansion cards.

The cloth-lined leather PDA holster is quite nice, cut to perfectly hold and
protect the entire PDA while still offering access to all buttons and the
screen. I was pleased that there were no gaps or ugly bulges in the leather
fitted around the screen. Everything looks great and fits properly.

The only possible con that I have found to the design of this case is
something that I have seen occur in many others, and it is not necessarily the
case-maker’s fault: Because of the design of the 4700’s touchpad and its four
subtle surrounding buttons, access to these items when the PDA is in a case with
a leather holster can be somewhat restricted. If you are the type that uses the
stylus tip to press the buttons, then you will have no access problems
whatsoever; if you like to use a fingertip, then you will probably feel like the
area is a bit "tight".

When the iPAQ is in the Slipper, the cradle can not be used. This may be a
con for some but it is not for me, as I use a PowerStation charging pod.

The E&B Company
Slipper PAQ 4700 is one
of the most well made and professional appearing cases that I have come across
for the iPAQ thus far. I can heartily recommend it to anyone that wants a
protective case that looks unique enough to be "yours", but not so unique that
your boss will frown when she sees you pull it from a pocket.

Price: $40.95
Available in blue, black or brown

All ports and inputs are available when iPAQ is in case
Includes room for business cards and two SD memory cards
Case looks and feels elegant, and is very well made
No Velcro
iPAQ can be charged in case with cable

Access to touchpad and it’s four buttons can seem "tight"
Magnets may be a problem for those that need to carry ID or credit cards
Cradle can’t be used when iPAQ is in case

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