Nexus 7

I was at work the other day (Cummins, Inc), when someone walked up to my desk to ask for some help with his laptop. As I was talking to him, he happened to notice the Nexus 7 in the Zagg Auto-fit keyboard case next to me on my desk. He asked me which laptop it was… Read More

As the proud owner of a first-generation Nexus 7, I was looking for a good case for my tablet. Pretty much the only thing I am jealous of regarding i-gadgets is the selection of accessories. Add to this the fact that the Nexus 7 is positioned as an affordable tablet, and your options further decrease… Read More

I typically carry my gear around with me in the Colonel Littleton No. 1943 Navigator bag I reviewed last year. But there are those occasions where I want my iPad mini with me either totally by itself or in something like my gi/sports bag. In both situations, I do not want my tablet rattling around… Read More

Sick of seeing that little useless POGO connector on the side of your Nexus 7?  It finally looks like the official dock will be released to make use of it. The dock itself features a microUSB port and 3.5mm audio output and not much else, and  it will only support your Nexus in landscape mode… Read More

Did Santa bring you a shiny new Nexus 7 Android tablet for Christmas? Now that you’re the proud new owner of one of the most popular 7″ tablets currently on the market, you’re probably worried about keeping it scratch and dent free. Here are 5 Nexus 7 cases that will protect your new device. 1. Rickshaw… Read More

Check out Ebay and you’ll find a plethora of cheap cases for your Nexus 7, like the Smart Magnetic case I initially purchased.  Disappointingly, both the original and replacement eBay cases broke in the same place after a couple of months, so my search continued.  On the other end of the spectrum are Noreve’s  “haute couture” leather cases, which… Read More

Regular readers of The Gadgeteer will be no strangers to Saddleback Leather Company products.  You probably wouldn’t consider their leather products as haute couture, but rather as hardwearing and functional pieces. (Their motto is “They’ll fight over it when you’re dead.” :) )  While I didn’t specifically purchase their Medium Gadget Sleeve  for my Google… Read More

Did you buy a Nexus 7 16GB between the 14th and 29th of October just before the release of the 32GB model and the subsequent price drop on the 16GB model?  Well if you did and you bought it from the Google Play store then you’re eligible for a refund under Google’s Price Protection Policy. Fill… Read More

Those of you who have followed my posts will know that my first tablet was the original  Samsung Galaxy Tab 7″. I thought this was a fantastic form factor: slim, light and portable. It was so convenient with its 3G slot, and because of its small size, you could even throw it into your back… Read More

So you’ve bought a Google Nexus 7 Android tablet and want to keep it looking shiny and new, right? The Rickshaw Nexus 7 Sleeve will easily do that for you and you can even have it made to your own favorite color specifications. Note: Images can be clicked to view a larger size. San Francisco based Rickshaw… Read More

When you’re a gadget lover, it seems every day presents you with the next got-to-have-it item.  There are so many categories of gear – bags, smart phones, computers, media players, and tablets – that you can’t afford to try them all.  For example, we just had to buy a new laptop for our daughter to… Read More

Protect your new Google Nexus 7 tablet with a great looking leather book style cover from Oberon Design. Made of thick leather and available in 26 different designs and several colors, these covers are head turners. The Nexus is held inside the case with elastic bungee cords and the cover is held closed with a pewter… Read More