iPhone 5 cases

Ah, the quandry of cases. Designers keep making phones and tablets thinner and lighter, and it sometimes seems that case manufacturers seek to make up for this by making cases stiffer, heavier, and bulkier. With my currently active phone, I started out without a case. It was the first phone I didn’t immediately entomb in… Read More

Yes, I’m still looking for a smartphone case that’s “just right”.   Lately I’ve been leaning towards rugged-looking cases.  Today let’s look at the Urban Armor Gear case for the iPhone 5S. Urban Armor Gear makes several different-colored iPhone 5S cases.  This is the white colored one with black inserts, called the “Navigator”.  The only difference… Read More

It must be kooky case week. First it was an iPhone case with a built in cigarette lighter and now this. The latest iPhone 5/5s case that makes me scratch my head in wonder is the Atomyzer, an Indiegogo project seeking $20,000. What makes this case so kooky? Because the Atomyzer houses a refillable cartridge… Read More

As always, I’m happy to try out new cases for my electronics, especially when they are as well made and beautiful as Oberon Design products are.  When Oberon offered The Gadgeteer a chance to review their new leather iPhone cases, I asked Julie if I could try them out.  I was thrilled when I received… Read More

Still squeamish when it comes to protecting your iPhone 5 and 5s? Looking for a rugged case with a little more functionality or maybe a little extra juice in the caboose? Then maybe you should be looking at the SLXTreme 5 from SnowLizard. The SLXTreme 5 is a rugged, waterproof backup battery case with a… Read More

My first iPhone case was the Hornettek Vader iPhone 4 case (see related posts for a link to my review), and I loved it. Its style and lightweight aluminum frame made my phone look great. One of the major flaws with it, however, was that I had to take the case off  to use my… Read More

There are many iPhone 5 cases on the market. There are fewer extreme iPhone 5 cases. There is only one extreme iPhone 5 case that gives a warranty not only for the case but also for your iPhone 5 for one year, and that case is the ATLAS iPhone 5 Case from Incipio. The ATLAS… Read More