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Streaming Media: Not Just For Computers

I’m a big fan of the “what we want, when we want it” model of media. I’m an even bigger fan of the “where we want it” addendum to that model. I’ve spent a good deal of time, effort, and sadly money crafting a decent home theater setup, which delivers a great viewing experience in …

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Shapeways 3D Metal Printing Napkin Ring

Shapeways is a website that allows people to create printed 3D models that you can keep. Their current deal is a $49 Ringpoem napkin ring made of stainless steel infused with Bronze or just plain stainless steel. The price is pretty steep for just one napkin ring, but the design looks pretty cool – and …

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HP Mini 1000 Team Review (Hackintoshing)

For my portion of the HP Mini 1000 Team review, I volunteered to ‘hackintosh’ the netbook. Hackintoshing is where you get a windows/linux computer running a hacked version of the Mac OS. So, in this review I will be discussing the level of difficulty of acquiring and installing the hacked OSX, usability on the Mini …

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Spotlight Gadget – DIY Magic Mirror

Mirror mirror on the wall, who’s the fairest of them all? You can find out by making your very own magic mirror. The DIY Magic Mirror site gives you all the details, including links to where to purchase the various parts needed for this project. If any of you end up making one, please let …

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VideoJug How-to Gadget Videos

I received an email the other day asking me to check out a video site called VideoJug. They claim to be the world’s most popular, free to use, video learning site, with over 43,000 bite-sized, professionally produced films on a wide range of topics – including gadgets. They have some fun do-it-yourself type videos that …

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Swann Digital Private Eye

A security system for your home can be very expensive to install and difficult to operate. For those of you that have a do-it-yourself attitude, you can buy kits and wire the system on your own, to save a lot of money. But, if you just want a quick and dirty method of monitoring an area, one solution to consider is the Swann Digital Private Eye.

A Brief Primer to Recovering Lost Photos Article

Studies have shown that 67.89% of gadgeteers own digital cameras, and that 99.8% of my studies have been conducted on a Ouija Board. Nevertheless, I’d wager a bunch o’gadgeteers own digital cameras, and I’d further bet more than a few have lost photos to corrupted media – whether the camera (or operator) accidentally deletes those …

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How to Choose a Keyboard for Your PDA

  First, let me thank Julie and Judie for the opportunity to write this article for the Gadgeteer. Julie was one of the first to recognize the true potential of the Stowaway keyboard in her review when we originally introduced the keyboard. As the co-founder of Think Outside, I have strong opinions about keyboards for …

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Cheap Wireless iPAQ Article

After purchasing an iPAQ 12 months ago, my long daily commute with this Pocket PC and Avantgo left me with a feeling of wanting “something more.” Not wanting to spend a lot of additional money, I avoided the cost, bulk, and wait for wireless networking alternatives, such as the now defunct Ricochet. These solutions typically …

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How To Connect Your Pocket PC To The Internet Article

Many people have wanted to connect to the Internet with their Pocket PC’s, but don’t know do not know how to, or they have some questions. Many of these questions are regarding the “extra steps” that are required to connect to a MSN ISP. I use MSN too, so in the bold words you can …

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