DIY Droid Battery Cover Fix

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I had no issues with my Droid battery cover for the two weeks I used it, but I have heard some complaints that the cover can fall off. I know another reviewer that had no problem with her review unit, but after purchasing she had issues with the new one. So it probably is dependent on the unit you get.

I did come across a nice little video that describes a potential DIY solution if you don’t mind slightly customizing your Droid. Actually in the world of DIY this is really minor. Of course I am not going to take responsibility for any over-zealous mods on your part. If you want to follow these instructions, take care.


Matt from Motorola (he manages the Motorola Support Forum) added a nice comment below about a non-DIY solution. It’s great to hear a company stand so solidly behind their product. He provides this link to get support if your cover is coming consistently off:

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  2. I did a quick & not so risky fix of using the plastic sticker cover that comes standard on the battery cover. I simply took a piece off of that and built up the bump on the back of the battery cover. This seems to work well enough without having the risk of prying.

    Downside? It does cause a small gap on the top side of the battery cover which is not visually pleasing.

    Upside? you don’t loose the cover.

  3. Just flare the four hooks that slide into the phone outward slightly. It will create interference as it slides into place. You can do it by hand or use a gripping tool of some kind.

  4. Hey Matt,

    You’ll replace the defective cover for free, but I dropped mine and the crappy volume switch came flying out and you won’t let me pay to have it fixed or buy the replacement parts?

    “If the phone is determined to have suffered physical or liquid damage, it will be shipped back to you unrepaired”……. from your customer service dept. I have had the worst customer service experience of my life between Verizon and Motorola. All I ever wanted was a local repair shop that could remove the rear frame and put the switch back in or even just sell me the part and I’ll void my warranty and fix myself….. but no, all I’m told is that if you don’t have insurance you have to buy a new phone. I don’t have a problem with paying to fix what I broke, but I’m sure as heck not spending $550 for new phone, or sending you $75 and my phone for two weeks (for you not to repair anyway) when it needs a simple 10 min fix of a $.50 part!!!!

    Going back to Sprint and their android phone for $30 a month less for a better plan as soon as I can save to pay Veriz early term fee.

  5. Bryan,

    Wasn’t wanting a response from him really.. found a local repair shop that did the repair in 10min for $25.. really just wanted readers here to be aware that if you have an accident you can pretty much forget getting it repaired…. preadatory (sleazy at the least) business practice in my opinion.

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