Homemade Geocache Puzzle Box

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geo-boxMy good friend David Simpson sent me an email tonight with a link to a really cool story. I love a good story and I love a good gadget. Make it a 3 part story about a homemade gadget given as a wedding present and you’ve got a real winner on your hands. Mikal Hart made a reverse geocache puzzle box as a wedding present for his friends. He used an Arduino prototyping platform and a GPS to lead the newly married couple to a specific location before the box would open. Pretty cool huh? The only thing that I’ve done that comes somewhat close is when I had a PDA case made for Judie of GearDiary quite a few years ago. She was a big fan of Louis Vuitton, so I bought an old LV handbag from eBay, sent it to Vaja and they used the LV material to create a custom PDA case for her. Have you ever made a gadget for someone you care about?

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