Otterbox Blackberry Curve 8300 Series Case Review

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Otterbox for Blackberry in caseI wonder whether more money is spent on our gadgets or the things we use to hold and protect our gadgets? One of the major players in this arena is Otterbox. They make cases for just about any phone, including iPhones, Blackberrys, Palms as well as iPods.

These are serious cases.  They even make waterproof iPod cases as well as their namesake Otterboxes, rugged cases the company describes this way:

“These cases are perfect for protecting your valuables from the elements, whatever they may be. The OtterBox  offers watertight protection and storage for pagers, car keys, film, batteries, credit cards, small wallets, cell phones, fishing lures and so much more.”

Not only are they waterproof and crushproof, but they float!

I received the case shown, part of the Defender Series for my Blackberry 8330.  The cases I had to compare against are the BodyGlove case I’ve used exclusively and the eHolster I reviewed for our site.

Front of Otterbox for Blackberry
Front of Otterbox for Blackberry

The three part case covers every bit of the Blackberry except the trackball.  A thin clear layer covers the screen and keyboard very precisely; when you use the keyboard you can’t tell it is covered.  While the photos show some glare on the screen, you don’t see any at all when viewing the screen, it is very clear. A hard plastic frame covers the clear covering and holds it in place.  All of this is held together by a rugged rubber covering that fits over and against the plastic frame. The pieces fit together flawlessly.

Left Side of Otterbox Case
Left Side of Otterbox Case

This photo shows the left side of the case. A flap on the left side of the photo opens to allow access to the charging port and headphone jack.  The left ‘hot key’ is covered (in the middle of the photo) but works perfectly when pushed.

Top of Otterbox Case
Top of Otterbox Case

The top of the case is shown here.  The on-off button is seen on the right-middle next to the speaker opening, which is covered by a white mesh material.  The same material covers the ear speaker on the front of the case.  I did notice the need to turn up the volume slightly to hear calls at the same level.

Back of Otterbox Case
Back of Otterbox Case

This photo shows the back of the case and the clear covering over the camera lens.  Although you see some glare on the covering, none is evident in photos or video taken through the covering.

Otterbox in Belt Holder
Otterbox in Belt Holder

One of the problems I had with the other cases I’ve used was stability of the belt attachment; I did not feel like the device was secure enough when attached to my belt or just to my pants.  Not so with this belt clip. It attaches easily and is not coming off without some work.  While the holder stays firmly attached on your belt, I had no trouble getting the phone out quickly and easily if it rang.

Otterbox in Belt Holder Front
Otterbox in Belt Holder Front

Overall, this is a great case, both in quality of construction and ease of use. It is far superior to the other cases I have tried. When I need another case for my tech gear, I know the first place I will look is Otterbox!


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Price:about $33
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  2. Great Review Don! i just picked up the Defender for my iPhone3G S and it indeed a ROBUST case. My only SLIGHT criticism thus far: – the case has a 1/8″ deep beveled edge that runs round the perimeter of the screen, serving to recesses it and give some added protection (thumbs up, there). I have been finding, however, that it takes a bit more of a concentrated effort to hit the keys (, , ) that are adjacent to that beveled edge but I think it’s just a small tactile adjustment. I picked mine up for CDN$70.00 plus taxes.

  3. I have this same case for the Blackberry 8830. It is great. In the picture, you have the Blackberry in the holster backwards. The screen is supposed to face inwards. There is a magnet on the inside of the holster that the Blackberry detects. This is how you can set different ringers for in holster and out of holster. Also, when the Blackberry is facing inwards there are ridges that meet up with the holster to keep the phone from falling out.

  4. The otterbox web site goes to great pains pains to emphasize that their boxes are not waterproof – yet you say otherwise, how come?


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