In Your Face iPhone/Touch Stand Review

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To preface this review, for months I have been thinking about MacGyvering a device that could safely and securely hold my iPod Touch while I run on the treadmill. So, when Julie posted the Spotlight Gadget blurb on the In Your Face (IYF) iPhone/iPod Touch Stand I quickly asked if they wanted me to try it out. Fortunately they agreed and sent me one of their holders straight away.


While convenient and usable, the gym that I use at work it is less than high-tech (aka no multimedia distractions)…..making a good amount of my time on the treadmill drudgery. My iPod Shuffle does a decent job at motivating me but being able to watch movies or my shows would definitely help pass the time while slugging out the miles.


The IYF Stand is engineered to securely hold your iPhone/iPod Touch in places like exercise equipment, your vehicle, a table/desk, the tray on an airplane, or the like. The IYF Stand is comprised of three main components; the clamp, flexible 8” metal neck, and spring loaded padded top grip.


The IYF Stand is held in place by its relatively strong clamp. The clamp can expand to approximately 2 inches which enables it to hold onto most of the cardio equipment in our gym at work and my treadmill at home. The clamp is strong enough to hold the stand firmly in place on both the exercise bike and ellipse machine (my desk and airplane tray as well). However, due to the vibration, the stand did list to the side while I was running on the treadmill. I had to right the stand every 4-5 minutes (a minor inconvenience). I might try some velcro on the front pad of the clamp to strengthen its hold while I am running.


The iPhone/iPod Touch grip expands to hold either device with and without a case. The grip holds the device with a good deal of strength and is unlikely to be accidentally pulled/yanked from its hold. The grip’s padding does a fine job at keeping the Stand from scratching or damaging your device.


The grip head is adjustable, allowing you to angle and tilt the iPhone/Touch for better viewing. The head is held in place by a screw-cap compression fitting located where the 8″ metal neck meets the back of head. The metal neck is flexible, yet stays in the position you move it to.


Overall, I really like the In Your Face iPhone/Touch Stand for hands free viewing of your device. My initial thought when I saw that it cost $30, was that the price was a bit high,however I remembered how much the pieces were going to cost to create something like this myself and it was more than a wash (especially if you consider my time and potential failed attempts). I will definitely keep it at work for when I need a bit more distraction while pounding out the miles.


Product Information

Manufacturer:In Your Face
  • Holds iPhone/iPod Touch while you exercise/work
  • Great concept/works well
  • Quality construction
  • Grips up to 2" things
  • Does not stay in place while running on the treadmill

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  2. I like the idea of using it on an airplane tray to raise the iPhone/Touch up. I got a crick in my neck looking down at mine for three hours on a recent trip.

    Good review.

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