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faucetlockThis morning I was taking a shower when I noticed a drop in the water pressure.  We have an old house, and this always happens when someone turns on the water somewhere else in the house – but no one else was using any water.  After a couple of minutes, the water pressure returned to normal.  I insisted someone was using water, so I sent my husband out to check the outdoor faucets.  The one in the front of the house was dry, but the one in the back was dripping.  Someone was stealing our water.  No wonder our water bills have been higher in the past couple of months.  An internet search and some digging on Amazon uncovered something that may solve our problem.  The FaucetLock from Flow Security Systems is designed to keep unauthorized people from using your outdoor water faucets.

The FaucetLock is a solid brass device that screws onto your outdoor faucets, and it cannot be removed without a special key.  It requires no tools to install – you just screw it into place.  Once you lock it, it just turns freely and can’t be removed unless you have a key.  If you order directly from Flow Security Systems, you can request that all your FaucetLocks be keyed alike.  Go to the Flow Security Systems site, and you can watch a video showing how to install and remove the FaucetLock.

The FaucetLock is $19.95 directly from Flow Security Systems.  If you prefer, you can order it from for the same price.  I ordered two.  If they work as well as all the reviews at say, they’ll pay for themselves in a couple of months in water savings!

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  2. The scary thing is this isn’t the first time people have taken water without asking. The first time I know about was a few years ago. Apparently the construction crew working on a house next door felt free to use our water. I can’t imagine who it is now…

    Edited to add: I just got this month’s utility bill today. Our water charges are up 32% this month over last month! I hope my FaucetLocks get here soon!

  3. I’m getting 2 of these now. I mostly shut off the Water to the outside during the winter here in NJ, but in general this would be great during the Summer. My Lawn service is always hosing off their equipment, truck, and themselves each time then come to cut the lawn. I wouldn’t mind as much, but I seem to be the last stop on the street when then cut and I’m used as the end of the day wash down. The Water adds up, and it’s stealing as far as I’m concerned! I’ve had a few times where the hose is left on as a trickle, and I get is a sorry and a nice bill anyway. The only time I haven’t said anything was once, just once I caught one of the girls in my back yard hosing down…Enough Said on that 🙂

    I can’t wait to see if anything is said to me when they encounter this lock. LOL

  4. I just hope they don’t decide to vandalize the faucet or my house because I dared stop them from helping themselves! At least your lawn service is open enough to do it in the open. My thief uses the back yard where no one can see them, so I’m sure they know what they are doing is wrong.

  5. Wouldn’t it be easier to just remove the handle from the valve? Sure, it takes a wrench (or screwdriver), but how’s that more difficult than finding the key? JMHO.

  6. @Jay Well, my husband always has his keys in his pocket, and it would be quicker for him to remove the lock and re-attach the garden hose than to get the faucet handle, some tools, and reattach the handle. Those saved minutes would have been vital to us one Halloween night when some vandal decided to set fire to the big pile of leaves piled up at the street in my neighbors side yard. (In Greensboro, you rake all the leaves to the curb so the big vacuum trucks can come suck them up and take them to the yard-waste center in our area.)

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