If you read my review of the Slim Mouse, this review might seem a bit familiar because both mice have a somewhat similar shape and design. The mouse that we’re going to focus on for this review is the Twister Laser Mouse from Rocketfish. It is hands down better than the Slim Mouse though. Keep reading to find out why.

Mice come in all shapes and sizes these days. They are available in corded and non-corded varieties, using Bluetooth and other wireless protocols. Some run on batteries, some don’t. But all mice share a couple of important features… They have Left and Right buttons (ok, some Mac mice have just 1…), and they move the cursor around on your display. Today I’m going to tell you about the Slim Mouse. This mouse has those important features mentioned above, all bundled into an extremely thin package. Power Positioning (2P) actually claims that this mouse is the world’s thinnest. Is that a good thing? Let’s find out.

Kensington has just released their new Ci Lifestyle collection of input devices for your Windows or Mac desktop and / or notebook that they sent me to test. They sent the Ci70 Wireless Desktop set that includes both a wireless keyboard and a wireless mouse, and the Ci75m Wireless Notebook Mouse which is available in two colors. Let’s take a closer look at each of them.

I have been using a Logitech MX1000 cordless mouse for just over 2 yrs now. I love it and am not sure I’d ever want to go back to a generic wired mouse. The MX1000 has served me very well, with long working time between charges (typically 2 weeks or so) and smooth action. Now I have the chance to tell you about the MX1000’s successor: the new MX Revolution rechargeable cordless laser mouse.

When I reviewed PLANon’s DocuPen R700 portable scanner almost one year ago, I immediately realized how handy this device could be to a wide variety of people. Having a full page scanner that can easily stow in a gear bag was quite liberating. The only problem with the R700, was the fact that it scanned only in Black and White, and didn’t really do that great of a job. Luckily, PLANon, didn’t stop with the R700. They now have the RC800, which can scan in full 24bit color.

Updated with information about new software release. One of the more annoying things about PC gaming is that it is hard to keep up with e-mail, instant messaging, and other background applications while a game is using the entire display. The Pertelian X2040 is an answer to that problem, in the form of an external LCD display that lets you see important information and interact with background applications like your instant messenger and Teamspeak while a full-screen game is running.

Here at The Gadgeteer, we love to discover good things that come in small packages. If it’s tiny, designed well and useful, we’re as happy as geeks at a HamFest. That’s why I performed an internal happy dance when the USB Rota-Rota 4 port hub showed up in my mailbox the other day, all the way from Brando’s shop in Hong Kong. One of these days, I hope to visit Hong Kong and Brando’s shop, but until then, I will just have to settle for testing out his products.

If you play PC games, you probably know how important keyboard control is to many of them, especially in the real-time strategy, roleplaying, and shooter genres. But keyboards are designed for two hands, and in most games you’ll always have one hand on the mouse. The Saitek Pro Gamer Command Unit is a USB controller that aims to improve your control of keyboard-driven games with programmable action buttons located directly under your fingertips for quick access, plus a thumb-operated joystick.

About a month ago I decided that I wanted to build a MCE PC. I had built one for my dad out of an old PC we had laying around, adding two HDTV tuners and a 7.1 audio card, and was so impressed with it that I set out to build my own. Originally I started specing it together to build from scratch, but I found it was cheaper to buy the PC pre-built. Included with my order was a 19″ Widescreen LCD, perfect for displaying some high-def TV.

For the longest time, I was the person that didn’t back up any of the files stored on my computer. Important emails, Money files, passwords, pictures, MP3s, programs I had paid for, Word documents, Excel Spreadsheets, years and years worth of ranch data and documents, reviews I had written – I was blissfully ignorant about… Read More

USB Flash based memory drives come in so many shapes and styles these days, it’s almost hard to remember the time when every computer didn’t have a USB port and a floppy disk was the most convenient way to transfer files between computers. Considering that USB ports are the only type port common to every… Read More

There seems to be no shortage of memory card readers that will handle Compact Flash and SD/MMC. But when a few of the more specialized memory cards get thrown in the mix, buying the right reader can get a little trickier. Today I am going to take a look at the USB Brando 32-in-1 Card… Read More

I don’t know about you, but the PCMCIA slot on my laptop is the last place I would ever think of to hide anything, so I guess that it makes sense this there is now a product which utilizes this easily overlooked area. Wireless Garden has introduced the StashCard, billed as "a secret drawer for… Read More

I have reviewed four different Bluetooth mice in the last couple of years. First there was Bluetake’s BT500. Next it was the Mouse BT from MacMice, then ThinkOutside’s Stowaway Travel Mouse and finally Bluetake’s BT510. At the end of each of my reviews I always had the same complaint regarding the fact that there wasn’t… Read More

The house that we live in was built in 1928, but it had a major remodel in 1995. One of the many selling points when I purchased it in 1997 was the built-in stereo speaker system throughout, which was controlled by a multi-knobbed box which was attached to the wall by a bundle of cables… Read More