BuddhaPad Mouse Pad

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"Rub Buddha’s belly for good luck," haven’t we all heard that before? Well
now a mouse pad is out that takes that old saying literally.

Billed as "The only mouse pad to generate good fortune every time you use
it," the BuddhaPad is set to "make good
things happen." How does it work? Well, on the literal plane every time a
BuddhaPad is sold, the company makes a donation to a "charity dedicated to
helping children around the world.**". On the spiritual plane,
the BuddhaPad site states that the energy transferred from your hand through the
mouse is not lost when it is moving over a BuddhaPad as it would be on a
conventional mouse pad. Instead, the energy is harnessed by the Buddha and good
things will happen.

Circling the image of Buddha are words like "Compassion", "Love", "Kindness",
"Longevity", "Health", "Peace", "Wisdom", "Hope" and "Gratitude" – certainly all
wonderful qualities everyone desires and should aspire to.

The circular mouse pad measures 8.5" and because of Buddha’s size and
placement, the user is guaranteed to rub his belly with just about any mouse
movement. User’s who require wrist support will not be happy with the pad’s
flatness, but those who are used to such a mouse pad will enjoy the textured
surface which allows for excellent tracking, as well as the stability of its
non-slip backing.

The BuddhaPad is 1/4" thick

As a skeptic, I don’t buy into any of the BhuddhaPad’s "rub my belly and your
dreams will come true" promise. But I do think the pad is cute, which is
why I agreed to review it. Does it work? Who knows. I have been using mine for a
couple of weeks now, and I can say that the Buddha’s happy face makes me
smile when I see it, which is why I
downloaded the free
screensaver also offered on the site
. So perhaps come of the Buddha’s charm
is rubbing off on me.

There are those who may find a religious icon on a mouse pad offensive,
whether it be Buddha, Ganesha, or Jesus. But for those who see the pad for
what it is – a kitschy and cute desktop item that may or may not serve a higher
purpose, the BuddhaPad will be a fun desktop addition.



**I’ve been told that the charity is the Make a Wish Foundation



Product Information

  • A computer with a mouse
  • Charitable
  • May bring good luck
  • May be offensive to some

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