Jetart Technology ThermoEye Instant Temperature Detector

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Today I am going to take a look a the Jetart Technology

, a device with dual temperature sensors, which can be used to
monitor the temperature of two separate locations – or two separate devices.


Included in the packaging are the ThermoEye device, a CR2032 battery, a dual
sensor cable, a Velcro mounting patch for the ThermoEye and two small pieces of
tape with which to affix the sensors. The tape reminds me of the paper bandage
tape that doctors sometimes use.

After unpacking the contents, setup is a simple matter of pulling off the
Thermo Eye’s Velcro half-backing to expose the battery compartment and red
Fahrenheit/Celsius switch. The ThermoEye ships reading Centigrade temperatures,
so only those that desire their readouts in Fahrenheit need press the switch. A
CR 2032 battery is included in the tray, but a thin piece of film must be
removed for the battery to make contact.

The ThermoEye device measures approximately 3" long x 1.6" wide and 0.5"
thick, and it weighs 0.8 ounces. It is composed of white plastic with bright
silver trim around the LCD screen. A round white button to the right of the
screen initiates the green backlight, which will stay on for about 40 seconds.

The sensor cable is approximately 80" long, with a white plug in the center
which goes directly into the bottom of the ThermoEye. The ThermoEye is capable
of detecting temperatures in the range of
0 ~ 120ºC and 32 ~ 248ºF,
so unless the user is in a below freezing room, almost any temperature should be
detected. However, the ThermoEye was not made to go inside an oven, as evidenced
by the 248ºF temperature cap. ;0)


Once the cable has been plugged in, it is time to determine what items will
be monitored. Configurations are only limited by the users imagination, but here
are some ideas: One cable end can be affixed to the wall to display the room
temperature while the other cable end is affixed to the desktop computer’s case.
If there is no need to monitor the room’s temperature, then the other cable
end’s sensor can be affixed to a separate hard drive, additional computer, or
any other item that needs separate temperature monitoring.

Up to two locations can be monitored by a single ThermoEye, so it is possible
to monitor multiple hard drives or multiple computers with the same device. The
LCD display always stays on, giving immediate information about the regulated

Of course, computing is not the only way in which the ThermoEye will come in
handy. One sensor can be affixed to an interior wall and the other can be
slipped underneath a closed window, giving indoor and outdoor temperature
readings on the same display.

When the ThermoEye sensors are placed on an item, they will immediately begin
to ascertain the item’s temperature, as evidenced by the climbing or declining
readout on the display. After a couple of seconds the temperature will
stabilize, and the correct temperature reading will be easily viewable.

The ThermoEye is a convenient device for monitoring how hot or cool various
items or their surfaces happen to be. There are many ways in which it can used –
not the least of which is in gauging whether one’s hard drive is overheating
and / or under-cooled.


Product Information

Manufacturer:Jetart Technology
  • One CR2032 battery (included)
  • Can be mounted nearly anywhere
  • Immediate temperature readout from two sources
  • Displays Fahrenheit and Centigrade temperatures
  • None

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