Julie Strietelmeier

I created The Gadgeteer in 1997 as a fun way to share my passion for gadgets which began when I was a little kid. Some of my other interests include ukulele, photography, productivity hacks, and minimalism. Learn more about me and my favorite gear.

Silver Slider 3 Review

Product Requirements: Device: Compaq iPAQ 3600, 3700, 3800, 3900 and 5000 series. If you are an iPAQ owner worth your salt, the initials GM will not mean General Motors to you! Instead, you’ll immediately think of George Mosquera and his hugely popular customized Compact Flash and PC Card sleeves called Silver Sliders. He started out

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Stowaway XT Ultra-Thin Keyboard Review

Product Requirements: Device: Palm PDAs with the Universal Connector 88k PRC The first thing that I think of when someone mentions PDA keyboards is the Stowaway Folding keyboard from Think Outside. It has been my personal favorite from the very beginning. I have one for almost all of my PDAs. But, like many products, there

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Extreme Limit Metal & Leather Zaurus Gadget Case Review

I recently reviewed a Sharp Zaurus specific metal and leather case from Extreme Limit. Now they have made a new metal and leather case available. This one is called the Gadget Case. It looks very similar to the original case, but is marketed as more of a gear case then an actual PDA case. It

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Julie’s Gear Diary – 2002-11-23

I don’t know about you, but I’ve always liked reviews with LOTS of pictures. But you want to know what’s even better? An actual video review! Omar Saeed of JustPPC.com fame has created another website called JustSeeit.com with reviews of non Pocket PC products. His video reviews are fun to watch and provide great insight!

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