DSI-USA iPAQ Holster Review

Product Requirements:
iPAQ 36,37,38,and 3900 series Pocket PCs

iPAQ owners that are on the lookout for a hard case for their favorite PDA,
should check out DSI-USA’s iPAQ Holster.

Although somewhat bulky, this case allows you to wear your PDA on your belt
while also allowing you to use it with various expansion packs. Actually, you
have to use it with an expansion pack. A ‘naked’ iPAQ will not fit in this case.
You need to use it with either the basic style pack that comes with your PDA, or
other expansion packs like the Compact Flash pack or PCMCIA card pack.

Made of black ABS plastic with rubber grips on either side, this product is
more of a screen cover than a case since only the screen and bottom of the PDA
are fully protected. The back of the expansion pack and top of the PDA are not
covered at all while using this product.

The PDA/expansion pack slides into the holster from the top and snaps
securely into place. It actually took me about 10 minutes before I could figure
out how to remove the PDA from the case! You have to flex the screen cover hinge
on the stylus silo side in order to remove the PDA. Once you figure this out,
it’s not a problem. That’s a good thing, because you have to remove the PDA from
the holster in order to sync and charge with the cradle. Fortunately, there is a
cut out on the bottom if you happen to own a sync/charger cable.

While in the case, all PDA functions can be used without obstruction. I
tested the holster with my 3800 iPAQ and the only problem I found was that lower
outer application buttons were a little too close to the plastic edges of the
holster. Pressing them felt a little cramped. As a result, game players may find
that this isn’t the case for them…

The niftiest thing about this product is the screen cover. It has a locking
latch that is easy to use and stays securely closed. The cover has a soft
neoprene lining on the inside, and is designed with several open stop points so
that the cover will not fall closed on its own. Unfortunately, the cover does
not fold completely back behind the case. It does open approximately 113
degrees, so the cover is out of your way while using the holster. A swivel belt
clip on the outside of the cover allows you to wear the case on your belt.

The iPAQ Holster isn’t the swankiest or sleekest product on the market, but
it is a play through solution for those of you that have an iPAQ and use
expansion packs on a regular basis and would like to protect your screen and
wear the PDA on your belt.

Price: $30.00

Allows you to protect the screen of your PDA while also using an expansion pack

Must remove from holster to sync/charge with cradle
Must use with an expansion pack

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