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I created The Gadgeteer in 1997 as a fun way to share my passion for gadgets which began when I was a little kid. Some of my other interests include ukulele, photography, productivity hacks, and minimalism. Learn more about me and my favorite gear.

Innopocket Metal Styli for the Palm m500 and Sony CLIÉ NR Series PDAs Review

Product Requirements: Device: Palm m500 series PDAs Sony CLIÉ NR series PDAs PDA owners typically buy two accessories not long after buying a new PDA: a case and a stylus. Sure, PDAs usually come with some type of case and stylus, but they tend to be low on quality. This review will take a look […]

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Metal Deluxe iPAQ Case Review

Product Requirements: Device: Compaq iPAQ 3600, 3700, 3800, 3900 series Pocket PCs I love leather cases… which is a good thing since I have to review so many! But there’s something sexy about a metal PDA case that always catches my interest just a little more than leather. I don’t know if it is the

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Julie’s Gear Diary – 2002-08-18

The following info appeared in my mailbox the other day. Thought it might be of interest… Handango manages a site called Games@Handango (http://games.handango.com/) that is dedicated to mobile gaming, and we’re running an August special right now: 1. Add $35 or more to your basket at Games@Handango 2. Enter code “GAMES35” and click Recalculate 3.

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T-Mobile Pocket PC Phone Edition Review

Synchronization Requirements: Device: Windows PC 98, 2000, NT, XP or later I’ve been interested in integrating my main PDA with a mobile phone ever since reviewing the Handspring Treo 180 earlier this year. That device didn’t work out for me due to less than adequate GSM coverage in my area. But, in the short while

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Acura Push Me Pull Me Duo Stylus Review

Product Requirements: Device: Any touch screen device I haven’t written a stylus review in quite awhile. Why? Mainly because I haven’t found one to spark my interest in a long time. It seems like most of the new styli that I’ve seen advertised are huge 584 function pens that require you to devote an entire

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Galanteya iPAQ Cases Review

Just when you thought that there couldn’t possibly be another Vaja-like iPAQ case manufacturer, along comes a new line of cases from the company Galanteya of eastern Europe. But before you say “ho hum” and press the BACK button on your browser, read a little further. What sets this company’s cases apart from others on

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Seido Emergency Chargers Review

Product Requirements: Device: Various PDAs and mobile phones I really appreciate products that have been designed to be functional as well as innovative. The power charging products that I’m about to review from Seidio show true ingenuity. As a Gadgeteer, I have quite a few Palm and Pocket PC PDAs. When I travel, I always

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