Julie’s Gear Diary – 2003-03-06

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For those of you that keep up with the site, you're aware that Judie, her family and mine are leaving tomorrow for Scotland. We'll be gone all next week, and although we're leaving the site in capable hands while we're gone, it may or may not be updated with new reviews during our absence. So at least keep the conversations in the discussion boards going, and we'll try to pop in from an internet cafe while we're out sight seeing. We'll be taking plenty of pictures and writing about our adventures while we're gone, so you can all look forward to a full trip report article shortly after we return.

Unfortunately, it looks like the Neuros shipment was goofed up and I won't have one to take with me on the trip afterall. I'm really bummed about this. But, hopefully I'll have one waiting for me when I return!

Happy Spring Break everyone!!!

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