Rhinoskin Titanium Hardcase for the Handspring Visor Review

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Product Requirements:
Visor, Visor Neo, Visor Pro, Visor Platinum, and
Visor Deluxe

If you are looking for the ultimate protection for your Handspring Visor PDA,
you need look no further than the Rhinoskin
Titanium Hardcase. Like their other titanium cases, this one is also made of
100% Grade 1 titanium with a scratch resistant finish. Weighing in at
approximately 6 oz. and with a size of 5.1 x 3.6 x 1 inches, it definitely can’t
be called a bantamweight case. But, it does offer heavyweight protection.

Molded to match the shape of the Visor, this case can be called a clam shell
or book style case. It opens like a book where the PDA lies in the right shell
of the case with the cover being the left shell.

The interior of the case is lined with a thin layer of neoprene which helps
to absorb the shock associated with drops and bumps. I’m not sure how much
actual protection it can give in that situation as the lining is pretty thin.

Instead of using Velcro or the stylus silo to attach the PDA to this case, a
plastic holster is employed. This holster is incorporated into the hinge which
makes it easy to flip the PDA up when you need to access the stylus slot, reset
hole or Springboard slot. The Visor slides into and out of this holster easily
and does not obscure access to the power and application buttons. A small hole
in the back of the holster allows you to to press the reset switch if needed.

While the Visor is in the case, you can pretty much do everything you can do
when it’s not in a case. You can even beam files via a small rectangular cut out
on the side of the case allows you to send and receive files via the IR port.
However, there are two potential problems with using this case. One problem is
the fact that you will not be able to sync with the cradle while the PDA is in
the case. A optional hotsync cable should work though… The other problem is
that over sized Springboard modules will cause the PDA not to fit in the plastic

The Titanium Hardcase is held closed with a very secure press fit latch. It’s
actually too secure if you ask me! I had a heck of a time getting this case
open. Even though there are two bumps on the edges which are supposed to help
you get a good grip on the case, my thumbs kept slipping off when I’d try to
open it. I ended up using a flat blade screw driver to wiggle the
case open. I’m guessing that with extended use that the latch would become
easier to open.

For those of you that need a case that will resist crushing, and bending,
this is probably the best case there is. Just be warned that it is heavy and
does add quite a bit of bulk to your PDA. This is a pocket friendly case unless
you wear cargo pants.

Price: $69.95

Ultimate crushproof protection
Unique holster attachment method

Hard to open
Have to remove PDA to sync in cradle


Product Information

  • Ultimate crushproof protection
  • Unique holster attachment method
  • Heavy
  • Bulky
  • Hard to open
  • Have to remove PDA to sync in cradle

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