Judie’s Gear Diary – 2002-05-09

If you have ever been interested in developing content for flash-enabled devices, you should definitely check out the new book by phillip torrone, et al, which will be available May 17.
Here is the blurb that Amazon posted about him: “Phillip Torrone, Director at Fallon Worldwide, is one of the undisputed leading developers, designers, and inventors of devices. Phillip developed applications & hardware for the first PDA, created the first 100% Flash/Generator online bank, and created data-driven content for cell phones, devices, and automobiles.He is a coveted speaker at conferences and also spends time teaching or geeking-out one of his many bits of electronics. He works at Fig Leaf Software in Washington D.C.”

Don't let all that hype fool you, though – he's also a really nice guy. :0)

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