Synergy, a mouse and keyboard sharing utility, recently released a new version of its software – Synergy Pro. The Pro version offers turn-key SSL encryption, which helps keep sensitive data safe on public networks, as well as upgraded technical support. Synergy lets you use one mouse and keyboard combination on two or more different computers. [...]

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Earlier this week it was announced that LogMeIn, a popular software application that allows remote control of computers, would no longer be free. I've been using the free version of this software off and on for several years, so I was a little bummed with the news. I regularly need access to my home computer [...]

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I owe Julie a long overdue review. OK, OK, two long overdue reviews and one that I can probably still call "on time" at this point. I am going to start with my review of something from one of my favorite product categories -- Photoshop plugins. I really can't seem to get enough of these [...]

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Adobe has received a huge backlash of negative comments from current users of Photoshop CS about expensive Creative Cloud pricing.  In an effort to make numerous frugal photographers happy, actually let’s say less upset, Adobe is throwing current users a "bone-us". During a recent Photoshop World conference in Las Vegas, Adobe announced a significant drop [...]

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It's a fact of life that PCs are vulnerable to malicious programs that can be picked up from simply visiting a seemingly harmless website or by opening an email.  There's also usually a bunch unwanted programs that manufacturers seem to load up on their computers that waste your valuable disk space.  Both of these problems [...]

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This post brought to you by Vipre. All opinions are 100% mine. Everyday is open season on your PC, and it's scarily easy to get viruses, tracking cookies, and other malicious files.  You don't want the security of your files and your personal information compromised, so you need to use good, up-to-date anti-virus software to [...]

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The other day a friend of mine showed me their new cellphone.  I couldn't tell a difference between their old one and the new one. The new version looked exactly like the old one.  This has happened to me before with various things, like software programs for example. Sometimes the new version simply doesn't provide [...]

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This post brought to you by Bitdefender. All opinions are 100% mine. My daily-use computer is a MacBook Air, but I also have a Windows computer that I use for my part-time tech-editing job. Because that computer is important for my work and because Windows computers are still more vulnerable to viruses and malware, I [...]

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If you receive text messages full of words like "ilbl8" or "wdymbt",  you probably feel like you need a translator.  (They mean "I'll be late" and "what do you mean by that".)  TextGenie is an Android app that can translate messages as you receive them, using the built-in dictionary of 1500 texting terms.  You'll be [...]

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This post brought to you by GFI. All opinions are 100% mine. If you have a PC, you have to protect yourself from viruses that you can pick up from surfing the internet or even just opening a seemingly innocent email.  There are a lot of anti-virus products out there.  Some don't really protect your [...]

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I really don't understand this device.  Someone at Hijakker took a $20 16GB USB drive and added an open source bootable version of Xubuntu and then they sell it for $60.  Their marketing then states "Have your own portable Windows on a USB Flash Drive!", but they forget to mention that you will have to supply [...]

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The black and white, dead-truth of the matter is, I am a horrible typist. This is not ideal for my day job or writing reviews here at It is my own fault, during high school I did everything I could to get out of typing class. I was in band, shop, PE and even [...]

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My daughter recently spilled water on her computer and killed it.  She was devastated because she didn't know how she could do her schoolwork without a computer.  Luckily, hers was repairable, but we could have been facing a considerable expense if we had to replace it.  Kid Computers understand how important computers are to education, [...]

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Avid Studio Review


Several years ago Avid Technology bought Pinnacle Systems, in their attempt to grab some of the consumer level video market.  Avid is known the world over for their professional level products for video editing, so I was excited at the chance to review their latest product, Avid Studio.  Almost a year ago on this website, [...]

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You won't have to worry about knowing the language when you travel with the SpeechTrans Ultimate Powered by Nuance translator app on your iPhone, iPod touch, or iPad.  This app will translate text or you can speak into the microphone and have a spoken translation in seconds in your choice of a male or female [...]

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This is a Sponsored post written by me on behalf of Sunbelt Software. All opinions are 100% mine. I was a Windows user for many years, and I fell victim to malicious software a couple of times. My home computer has files that are vitally important to me. I have tax records, bank files, and [...]

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BitsDuJour is one of those "daily specials" websites with a difference.  They sell software at greatly reduced prices, and each day sees a new offering.  What makes BitsDuJour different is that each deal they offer is available for Windows or Mac operating systems - same titles, same pricing, both platforms.  Go to the BitsDuJour link [...]

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DYMO CardScan Review


DYMO is known as the business card scanning company. Their CardScan App for the iPhone brings this capability to the iPhone, at least for those in the United States. I put the product through its paces on some real and sample business cards, and overall was very pleased with the results. The CardScan App installs [...]

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Heart Wizard software comes with ear/finger clip for monitoring and CD to download software.  It's a very easy install and ready to use in a short time.

In this society of diets, exercise programs, macrobiotics, probiotics and even a First Lady offering her opinions on the nationwide struggle with obesity, Advanced Wellness Solutions (AWS) has taken this nation's health concerns a step further.  Heart Wizard ( is an online wellness tracking service that is designed to spotlight health trends in the user's [...]

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The professional version of InfoNgen Newsletter Publisher is used by major corporations world-wide to create newsletters.  InfoNgen is now offering InfoNgen Publisher HD, a streamlined version of their newsletter software.  The iPad-only app works with Google Reader to allow you to create your own professional-looking newsletters.  Select a pre-designed template, add your logo, and import stories from your Google [...]

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