The LidsLash from Common Sense Inventions Inc. is an easy to use clip that can attach to almost any hat to hold your sunglasses in place when you're not wearing them. Instead of putting your glasses over your hat only to have them fall on the ground when you bend over, the LidsLash uses rare [...]

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The Lens Friend is a strip of silicone with magnets embedded in each end; when it's folded in the middle, the ends grip together.  You can fold them over your shirt pocket, a collar, or your bag.  It has three 0.5" loops on one end for you to slip one of the temples of your [...]

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NoScope glasses Demon serires

Have you ever found yourself deep in the jungle searching for bad guys, or how about deep in space looking for those aggressive aliens? If you play video games, especially FPS (First Person Shooters) games, you probably know what I am talking about. One issue I have noticed when putting in long sessions of gaming [...]

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I'm apparently lucky, but I never seem to be bothered by staring at a computer or tablet screen for hours.  I know many people are plagued with eye strain, dry eyes, headaches, and the like after using a computer for a while.  I'm not sure what can prevent the eye strain, other than taking breaks, [...]

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I have worn eyeglasses since I was in second grade.  My first pair was short-lived, I had not gotten used to wearing them yet and I took them off every day at lunch in the cafeteria.  For some reason, I had the habit of putting them in the brown paper bag that my mom packed [...]

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These multipurpose Beer Shot Glasses from The Awesomer Shop combine a pint beer glass and a shot glass into one.  The glasses are made of laboratory-grade borosilicate glass.  One end holds a full 16 ounces, and the other holds a 2 ounce shot.  As well as being a novelty, these glasses can save room in [...]

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If you require eyeglasses, you may find that Google Glass's frame won't work in conjunction with your current glasses.  Luckily, an employee of OpticsPlanet was invited to try Google Glass (GG for short), and when he found he couldn't wear them with his current glasses, he asked his company for a solution.  OpticsPlanet came up [...]

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With only 6 days to go, the Grip Clip Kickstarter project is already fully funded. This small injection molded silicone clip slides onto the temple of your glasses and provides  an open gripper that can hold a pencil, pen, or other similarly sized object. The look is akin to sticking a pencil behind your ear, but it [...]

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For those of you that don't wear glasses for all your vision needs, but do require glasses for reading, TechLoops can keep those glasses close at hand while not making you look like a granny or librarian. They are all handmade with various beads that give them a high-tech or jewelry appearance. They are priced [...]

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From the picture it may be hard to tell what the object on the right is – is it a pen, a pencil?  Hint – look at the shadow.  The Swingtime Readers are as narrow as they appear.  The next photo shows the same objects from a different angle. And they are as flat as [...]

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