Fauna Spiro Transparent Brown Audio Glasses Review

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Fauna Audio Glasses 1

REVIEW – I’ve owned a few pairs of high-quality sunglasses, but over the years, they’ve either gotten scratched or lost. When the Fauna Audio Glasses review offer came along, I figured that it would be an excellent time to upgrade.

What is it?

The Fauna Spiro Transparent Brown Audio Glasses are a revolutionary pair of Bluetooth audio glasses with powerful micro speakers in the temples.

What’s in the box?

  • Fauna Spiro Transparent Brown Audio Glasses
  • Charging Case
  • USB-C cable
  • Microfiber cleaning cloth
  • Instruction Guide

Hardware specs

  • 99% protection from UVA and UVB
  • Carl Zeiss Vision Lenses
  • Lenses can be exchanged by an optician
  • Bluetooth 5.0
  • Water-resistant (but not waterproof) and dust resistant (IP52)
  • Four integrated speakers

Design and features

The first thing I noticed about the Fauna audio glasses was the very nice charging case they came in. The case features a built-in battery, battery level indicator LEDs, and a USB-C connection for charging the case. The glasses themselves have contacts that automatically connect when placed in the case, so there’s no cord to connect directly to the glasses.

Fauna Audio Glasses 2

The second thing I noticed when I put the glasses on was that the word “wow” actually came out of my mouth. The lenses were impressively clear and sharp, with absolutely no distortion. I’m a photographer; I spend thousands of dollars on clear/sharp lenses – I’m very picky about the quality of lens I’m using. I’m very impressed with the Carl Zeiss Vision Lenses, so much so that I’ll be investigating them when I get my prescription glasses updated later this spring.

The lenses also provide 100% protection from UVA and UVB. You can also take your Fauna glasses to any optician to change the lenses to your prescription lenses. An optician can adjust the glasses by heating them; just follow the information that Fauna includes in the documentation.

Fauna Audio Glasses 3

The glasses’ temples also feature a touch control surface that provides for various control operations. Double tapping on the left temple will accept or end a call or play and pause music. Sliding forward or backward will decrease or increase the volume. Tapping and holding the left temple for 4 seconds will decline a call or skip to the next song.

The right temple touch control can be double-tapped to activate your phone’s voice assistant. Tapping and holding the right temple for 4 seconds will force Bluetooth pairing – something I had to do when setting up the glasses. When I first took the glasses out of the case, a voice came from the glasses that said, “Fauna is on, Fauna is pairing,” but nothing was identified on my phone until I started the forced pairing. This glitch was the only thing that I found out of place on the Fauna glasses.

Fauna Audio Glasses 4

The four speakers allow you to listen to music or talk on the phone without completely blocking your hearing of outside noises. Two microphones in the right temple provide ample pickup for phone conversations. The audio is very localized, you have to be about 2 to 3 feet from them to hear it, so it’s not easily heard by bystanders.

Fauna also has a smartphone app for use with their glasses. It allows you to schedule what they call “whistles,” which are sound loops that can be used to remind you to do certain things like “Drink Water” or “Fix Posture.” Personally, I did not find the app very useful with the sunglasses. However, it might be helpful if you’re using one of their blue light filter lens models while on a computer.

What I like

  • Super high-quality lenses
  • Touch controls are very nice
  • USB-C case charging

What I’d change

  • Pairing needs to be active when first removing the glasses from the case

Final thoughts

As my eyesight worsens, I have a greater appreciation for quality glasses. The Fauna audio glasses really impressed me. The audio capability is also a great bonus when you want semi-private music without the noise blocking of in-the-ear headphones.

Price: 249 Euro
Where to buy: Fauna (Spiro Transparent Brown)
Source: The sample of this product was provided by Fauna.

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  2. The problem w all these devices the use non-replaceable rechargeable batteries is that eventually the battery will no longer take or hold a charge. What happens w these expensive battery operated sun glasses. Do you have to throw them out when the battery becomes no good.

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